It is said that humans can use 10 per cent of their brain’s capacity but what if a drug could increase that capacity? We saw this question answered in Limitless where Bradley Copper realizes that he can control his higher brain functions to learn and do things faster and much better than other human beings. Lucy is kind of like Limitless but hotter because of Scarlett Johansson and better because in Lucy, the drug makes her capable of controlling almost 30 per cent of her brain and she can do much more than you can imagine.

The trailer starts out with Scarlett Johansson waking up in a hotel room half naked with flashes of what happened last night in a club. She finds herself bandaged and a group of drug dealers transports her in true mafia style with a bag over her head with a bag of drugs inside her body.

She is abused and the bag of drugs starts leaking inside of her body unleashing a whole new side she wasn’t even aware existed. She uses her new found capabilities to find the people who put the drugs into her and finds out something that she wouldn’t ever imagine was possible.

Here’s the trailer to probably the most awaited film of August this year.