Keeping in mind the huge scale of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, the production team kept aside 5% of their budget just for security. Security budget was allotted both for shooting as well for huge scale promotions that are being planned.

The Salman Khan starrer has been shot in picturesque locations in Poland, studios in Bombay and real life locations in Delhi. The film has been shot in old Delhi, where even walking on a regular day is an impossible task.

Salman shot in chandani chowk area and in old fort area. To be able to shoot in these areas Sajid Nadiadwala arranged a massive security force with at least 4 different entry and exiting points. Entire Delhi schedule was shot with 500 security people. Even on the sets of Kick at least 100 security personnel would be deployed.

Delhi shoot would witness people in lakhs waiting for a glimpse of their star, Salman Khan. The mega star’s fan following on streets is very huge. In fact even for a gaiety galaxy trailer launch Sajid had an entire area cordoned off with more than 100 security guards. “We did not want to compromise on the locations so even if that came with a huge cost involved, it was worth it. In old Delhi, we have shot on streets where it is difficult to even walk. All in all it was a different experience for me to shoot with thousands of fans surrounding the set,” said Sajid.