Sexy Sunny Leone gets shady with Sandhya Mridul - view kiss!

The team of Ragini MMS 2, including producer Ekta Kapoor, is definitely trying their best to keep the buzz going about the film. This movie is the sequel to the 2011 release Ragini MMS and the promos are definitely grabbing eyeballs After the steamy shower scene and the Kiss & Tell video, now it is time for some really hot girl on girl action!

A picture of Sunny Leone kissing actor Sandhya Mridul was released on March 11 and it started doing the rounds of the Internet. Though considering her past profession it isn’t a new thing for Sunny to kiss a girl, but for Bollywood it still remains an unexplored subject.

The picture depicts a passionate lesbian kiss between the two protagonists of the movie Sunny and Sandhya. The last time Indians witnessed this sort of controversy was during Deepa Mehta’s movie Fire in which the much acclaimed actress Shabana Azmi did a love scene with Nandita Das.

Shabana and Nandita’s scene raised too many eyebrows and many activists demolished the posters of Fire, but today’s audiences are taking Sunny and Sandhya’s kiss more sportingly.

But the question is: Is this scandalous scene enough to make erotic-horror film Ragini MMS 2 a box-office hit?

Watch the steamy video here