Shahrukh Khan

Anything and everything related to Shahrukh Khan becomes a trending topic. And something as big as getting a magnificent eight million followers on Twitter could not have escaped the eyes of trends.The Badshah Khan proved his superiority and stardom not only in the real world but also on the social media. Shahrukh Khan owing to his immense popularity reached the landmark of eight million followers on Twitter. And it became one of the trending topics of the day and led to the creation of new hashtag #SRK8Million on Twitter!

And on this occasion as his followers numbers escalated to the eight million figures, the superstar humbly thanked all of his followers for their love.

As for his close contemporaries like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, they follow closely at 7.17 million and 7.18 million respectively. Shahrukh has been pretty active on the social media platform be it his support for Kolkata Knight Riders or sharing pictures of his kids.

Shahrukh Khan_Twitter