In Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11 January 2017 episode, while everyone is putting haldi on Harman and Surbhi, Soumya gets upset, Preeto sees her and tells her to look happy. She tells her that if Harman will see her sad face, he might refuse to marry Surbhi. She asks her to smile. Preeto asks Soumya to put haldi on Harman, she recalls all the times when Harman loved and cared for her. While putting haldi, shse tries to smile to show Harman that she is happy, but a drop of tear trickles down her cheeks. Then, she goes to Surbhi. Harman is already pissed, he gets up and asks Preeto if he can leave. Naani also tells Surbhi to go and bath. Harman messages Surbhi to come and meet him in his room. Surbhi goes to his room. Harman asks Surbhi why she hasn’t refused. Surbhi tells Harman that she is also bound by condtions and cannot refuse to marry. Harman probes her that what is it that is stopping her, but she keeps it to herself.

Preeto calls Soumya in her room and shows her Harman’s sherwani, the ‘sherwani’ that he wore when he married Soumya. She asks Soumya if she remembers it. Soumya recalls her marriage. Preeto tells her that this was the ‘sherwani’ that Harman wore and got married to a ‘kinnar’. Preeto then shows her the new ‘sherwani’ and tells her that he will wear this today and marry a woman, who will give this house an heir. She gives it to Soumya and asks her to tell Harman to get ready. While Soumya is leaving, she tells her that she will throw the other ‘sherwani’, to make Soumya feel miserable. (ALSO READ: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Will Preeto finally win?)

There, Harman and Surbhi are in his room, Soumya knocks on the door. They get scared. Surbhi opens the door, and tells Soumya that Harman wants to say something to her, Harman asks her that should he say again that he doesn’t want to go ahead with the marriage. Surbhi says that Harman cannot say it right now, but he wants Soumya to wear a pink dress because she is his gulabo. Surbhi says this and leaves. Soumya gives Harman his ‘sherwani’ and starts leaving, Harman holds her hand and asks her why does she leave him every time. Soumya tells him that she will always be there with him, after he gets married to Surbhi. He tries to tell her again that he doesn’t want to marry Surbhi but Soumya interrupts him and says that this marriage is important. She says this and leaves.

Surbhi is getting ready in her room, Soumya enters and tells her that she is looking extremely beautiful. She gives her bangles to Surbhi and says that Maa kept it for her. But ,when she was getting married, Nimmo gave it to her. Surbhi refuses, at first and tells her that she cannot keep it, then on Soumya’s insistence and emotional blackmail , she keeps one bangle herself and gives the other back to Soumya. They both hug each other.  Naani and Daadi overhear Soumya and Surbhi. Naani says to Daadi that she wishes that both of them live together with the same love and warmth, even after marriage, while Daadi replies to her saying that this love will stay only till the time Surbhi gets married to Harman. And, after tonight their relationship will completely change for ever .Surbhi and Soumya will be ‘the other woman’ in each other’s life.

Harman and Surbhi are sitting on the mandap, when Harman again asks Surbhi to refuse the marriage, but Surbhi does not respond. The ceremony is underway, and the pandit asks them to stand up for the pheras, Surbhi tells everyone that these pheras cannot happen, she walks up to Soumya and in the process Harman and Surbhi’s ‘gathbandhan’ breaks. Soumya asks her to go back but Surbhi takes Soumya to the mandap and tells Soumya to take pheras with them. Maninder objects, so does the pandit but Surbhi doesn’t listen. All three of them take pheras together.