In Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20 March 2017 episode, Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) tells the villagers that Surbhi (Rosnhi Sahota) is also married to Harman (Vivian Dsena) and is his second wife. All the villagers point finger at how Harman can have two wives and that it is illegal. Preeto interrupts and tells everyone that it was Soumya’s decision to get her sister married to Harman. Harak Singh assures the villagers that their family has always respected women and it was only when Soumya said so that they got their son married to Surbhi, otherwise they were also willing to adopt a child.

Soumya tells everyone that she has always been respected by Harman’s family and asks all the villagers to give same respect to Surbhi. Harman and Surbhi both are shocked and surprised at Soumya’s sudden disclosure. Soumya asks Harman to tie a mangalsutra around Surbhi’s neck. The villagers also accept Surbhi and praise Soumya for her large-heartedness. After tying mangalsutra around Surbhi’s neck, Harman stomps out of the hall. (ALSO READ: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17 March 2017 written update, full episode: Soumya introduces Surbhi as Harman’s wife!)

Soumya follows Harman in her room where Harman starts throwing all the things in anger. He tells Soumya what was the need to do what Preeto said. Soumya tells Harman that Surbhi is his wife and he had to accept it in front of all, sooner or later. Harman is so furious that he doesn’t realize what is he saying and tells Soumya that he was an idiot to love a kinnar like her, so much and give her so much respect that she did not even deserve. Hearing this, Soumya gets hurt but then tells Harman that she, actually, doesn’t deserve his love because she is a kinnar and that is the truth of her life, no one can ever deny. (ALSO READ: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20 March 2017 written update, preview: Soumya faces Harman’s ire!)

Maninder (Ayub Khan) gets angry with Preeto and Harak Singh and says how can they tell everyone that Surbhi is Harman’s wife. Harak Singh asks Maninder to decide what does he want, when they were not disclosing the truth, then too he had a problem. Maninder asks them how would he tell this truth to all the people in his village. Preeto tells Maninder that if he wants they can get a get Harman and Surbhi married again in a proper manner again. Harman comes and tells them that he wouldn’t do anything like that.

Kareena distributes sweets in her house and tells all her friends that Harman as accepted Surbhi as his wife in front of the villagers, what would Soumya do there anyway. She calls up Preeto and asks when is she sending Soumya, Preeto tells her that in another 10-15 days, Soumya would be there with her.

Surbhi is working in the kitchen, when Preeto arrives and tells her that what she did today was because she wanted her to be acknowledged as Harman’s wife. She assures Surbhi that she would always remain by her side as a mother and as a dutiful mother-in-law, and not let Soumya snatch her right. Later, when Surbhi is sitting in her room, Harman comes and blames her for what all Soumya did. He tells Surbhi that he feels stifled between both of them.

Maninder and Bebe are sharing their happiness, after Surbhi has been accepted as Harman’s wife in the society now. Naani comes and tells them to be ashamed of themselves that they still cannot accept Soumya’s goodness. Surbhi is sitting in her room and thinking why would have Soumya disclosed the truth, if she did not think about her well-being. She decides to talk to Soumya but Preeto stops her halfway and tells her to do some work for her. When Surbhi leaves, Preeto thinks to herself how can she let her plan, of keeping the two sisters away, fail so easily.