BBC’s Sherlock finale The Last Vow aired on Jan 17 in India on AXN and it was a fitting finale to the most amazing modern day adaptation we’ve of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective. In fact this version makes the Guy Ritchie movie with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock and Jude Law as Dr Watson look mediocre! Sadly, it’s a mini-series and things had to end so here are the 9 reasons we absolutely loved the final episode:9

Druggie Sherlock

Sherlock DruggieDr Watson goes to a crack hole to find his best friend Sherlock there and for the first time the series hints that Sherlock has a substance abuse problem. Of course, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock was a habitual user of cocaine and it’s good to see they stayed true to their roots. Sobriety would certainly not appeal to a great mind like Sherlock’s!

Sherlock has a girlfriend

Sherlock girlfriendAnd as if Sherlock’s drug habit wasn’t a big enough problem, Watson was quite beside himself when he realised that Sherlock was actually dating the gorgeous bridesmaid from his wedding. Thankfully, it’s revealed this was all part of an elaborate plan and our favourite detective was as uninterested in women as before!

Charles Augustus Magnussen – the new super villain in town

Charles Augustus MilvertonAfter Moriarty, we needed a villain who could match up to Sherlock and news mogul Charles Augustus Magnussen (a hybrid of Rupert Murdoch and the original Charles Augustus Milverton)certainly lives up to the task. He’s ruthless, has access to unlimited information about everyone, pees in Sherlock and Watson’s fireplace and has the gall to berate the English. And yeah he seems to have mnemonic memory and a mind temple like Sherlock!

Mrs Watson – the retired assassin

mary johnThe story reveals that John’s wife is actually a retired deadly assassin who can put a hole through a flipping coin and has quite an interesting past which seems to involve working for the Secret Service. Poor John is absolutely flabbergasted by this and wonders why everyone in his life is a psychopath!

The Shooting Incident

Sherlock ShotSo there’s the small issue where Mary has to shoot Sherlock and she does it in a manner so that she avoids any important organs. What follows is in an amazing three seconds where Sherlock must process everything in his head at breakneck speed to stop dying!

Baby Sherlock Holmes

sherlock-6To stop dying, Sherlock sees himself as a little boy while his dog Redbeard runs at him and there’s something adorable about Little Sherlock. Mycroft admonishing him for being stupid also takes the cake!

The Holmes Brothers’ Smoking Scene

Sherlock and Mycroft smokinThey might be the two most brilliant and powerful men in Britain but they’re still afraid of their mother catching them smoking and try to hide their cigarettes when she discovers them!

Sherlock finally loses it

SherlockSeeing Charles Augustus Milverton constantly humiliate John by flicking his face (because of the dope he has on Mary), Sherlock finally loses it claiming that he’s a high-functioning sociopath and proceeds to put a bullet through his head! And this is how the episode gets its name because Sherlock had promised to protect Mary and John Watson, no matter what!

The return of Moriarty

Moriarty Just as Sherlock is sent away on exile for shooting Milverton, Moriarty seems to come back to life as he appears on every television screen in London asking ‘Did you miss me? Did you miss me?’ in a truly horrifying tone and the post-credits scene suggests that Moriarty, like Sherlock, seems to have found his way back from the dead!

It seems almost cruel that we will have to wait 2-3 years before the next instalment comes out!

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