For those of you who don’t know or don’t care, tomorrow the 4th of May is the day the world celebrates the masterpiece that is Star Wars (at least episode 4,5 and 6 which are great while the prequels are awful). Legend has it that Star Wars day is celebrated on May the 4th because it sounds similar to the Star Wars line “May the force be with you.” While we love Star Wars as much as anybody we find this hard to believe. Here are some ways Star Wars fans can celebrate this glorious day:

1) Break up with Girlfriend- In the spirit of Star Wars you could break up with your girlfriend because everyone know most Star Wars fans don’t have girlfriends, obviously. If you already don’t have a girlfriend then you’re completely sorted in this area, though only on one day of the year.

2) Build Shrine to George Lucas- George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars, that automatically makes him one of the greatest people who ever lived, so building a shrine to honour him isn’t that weird, at least not as weird as many Star Wars fans.

3) Attack Strangers with  Light Sabre- All true Star Wars fans have at least one light sabre, on their person at all times. The 4th of May is the only day where it is acceptable to charge at a stranger in a Darth Vader costume whilst wielding a light sabre, on any other day you could get arrested.

4) Watch Star Wars Original Trilogy- This only counts if you wear a storm trooper costume. Though it isn’t as hardcore as the other things on this list it’s what most people will end up doing anyway.

5 Convince Government to Finally Build Death Star- Following a petition signed by thousands the American government refused to build a Death Stat stating that their administration didn’t support the blowing up of planets, perhaps our government will, we’re willing to vote for anyone who puts up “Building Death Star” on their political agenda.