Her entry in the big bad world of Bollywood was sensational! Sunny Leone made quite a transition from the adult films to Bollywood. It all started when Leone was transported from the Sunny land of California to our very own aamchi Mumbai for the popular reality show Bigg Boss. Once locked into the glass walled house, the hottie became quite popular. It really did not take Sunny to become a household name. Blame it on her sex appeal and that gorgeous face coupled with her colourful portfolio Sunny made quite an entry into our entertainment industry!

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While everybody wants to have a piece of Sunny to encash on the popularity she commands and the eyeballs she garners, it would be pertinent to note that no big star of film-maker wants to be associated with her in any way! In her interview with Hindustan Times Sunny Revealed how the fraternity wants to keep safe distance from her. “Because of my background and who I am, I don’t think I will ever win it. There are a lot of people in this industry who don’t like me and wouldn’t want to see me win anything at these big events or fraternity or whatever,” revealed Sunny. ALSO READ: Raaz Reboot song Lo Maan Lia: This song from Emraan Hashmi & Kriti Kharbanda starrer will touch your heart!

When a hapless reporter posed q query to Aamir Khan if Sunny Leone is being sidelined in B-town and the so-called-respectable fraternity is not interested in being associated with her, Khan replied that he doesn’t mind working with the seductress if an appropriate role demands him to be. But months after that statement the possibility of Aamir working with Sunny looks really slim. We don’t see any concrete steps being taken in the right direction. Even in Ajay Devgn’s Baadshao and for Shah Rukh Khan Raees Sunny is once again being employed for what she does best..shaking her booty as the ultimate item gal without much dare we say meat to her role.ALSO READ: Sunny Leone reveals her debut in Bollywood was a calculative move; here’s why

Once also observes that Sunny will be seen in these major endeavours but biggies like Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan, we are informed, are not particularly interested in sharing the screen space with her. Is Bollywood treating Sunny Leone like a stigma? Is this justified? Tell us what do you think folks?