Sushant Singh Rajput, who will be seen romancing his alleged girlfriend Kriti Sanon in their upcoming film Raabta landed in a soup recently, not once, but twice. First was when during the trailer launch of Raabta, he got into an argument with a journalist after he turned down a question on Pakistan’s death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav. A lot of things were said, and Sushant, who had kept mum all this while finally broke his silence on this matter in a recent interview. Two weeks after this incident, Sushant became the talk of the town yet again when he reportedly had a rough time with his fans near his house. According to a report on SpotboyE, after he denied clicking pictures, the fans beat up the building guard.

“Close to midnight, Sushant decided to take his new Maserati for a spin. He drove out to Carter Road and then decided to stop to get some ice cream. While Sushant was grabbing his favourite flavour, he was spotted by a few young fans. As Sushant drove away, they followed him. And when Sushant parked his car inside the gates of his apartment complex, they immediately approached him and requested a selfie with the actor,” a source was quoted by the website.

However, Sushant was quick enough to call these reports untrue, as he tweeted, “Try to be at least innovative next time when coming up with such stupid fictions. & what were you doing at my place at midnight ? #douche (sic).” ALSO READSushant Singh Rajput DENIES meeting Ankita Lokhande, claims he hasn’t even seen her in a year!

In a recent interview, he opened up more on the issue and said, that the whole story is a work of fiction. “One part is right. I do think about having ice creams almost every other night, because I have a sweet tooth. So I might have thought about having an ice cream, but I never went out. So rest everything was fiction. And secondly, how I deal with my fans. Well, I was a big fan myself. I was a big fan of Shah Rukh (Khan). I still am. And he is the only actor, I wanted an autograph of. So I came from Delhi to Bombay, went on the sets of Swades, just to get an autograph. But because of some reason, I couldn’t meet him. And I felt really bad. Few years later when I was a background dancer at one of the award functions, I was dancing behind him. And we were doing technical rehearsals. So he just turned, and I said hi. And he said hi. He normally says hi to all ten thousand people he meets everyday. So it was such a big thing for me that ten years down the line, I am telling you the story. So I know the importance of just looking at a fan and waving at him or probably writing down something. So I make sure, I do this, so that they can have something to talk about.”

At the same time, he said that he will not stop and pose for a picture every time a fan asked him to do, and supported this with a valid reason. “But will I stop and click pictures with all the fans who ask me to. No. I’ll be very honest. Another thing I am finicky about is that I don’t want to get late. So if I am going somewhere, and I know I am getting late, and if someone asks me to stop and click a picture, I probably won’t even listen because I am not in that zone. So these are very few times that someone will ask me and I would not stop. Otherwise 98 percent of times if someone asks for a picture, I give them.”

So that was Sushant’s final nail in the coffin on the whole issue. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.