The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_(film)_bannerThe Amazing Spider Man is back and he faces the greatest battle he has ever fought in the form of arch rival, Electro. The sparkly blue villain is literally electric and derives power from the energy in the universe and for a boost steals electricity from the main power lines supplying power to the city.

Created by OSCORP under Harry Oscorp who is pissed off to find out that his father would always keep track of Peter Parker while Harry was treated like a mistake and a dead weight that had to be pulled along for the journey.

In the most curiosity inducing part of the trailer coming when Aunt May gets nervous with the developments before and after the rise of Electro as she goes on about the cost of having secrets.

The skinnier Spider-Man must bear the responsibility of his fame and fulfill his righteous duties to the city while warding off any danger to Gwen Stacy as enemies form an alliance to get rid of Spidey.

Electro, a big ass rouge military grade robot and possibly another Goblin in the form of Harry Osbourne team up to finish the reign of good initiated by Spider Man and wreak havoc. Will the Amazing Spider Man be able to fight them off and keep the world safe? We will have to wait to see that but here’s the trailer for now.