patriotic moviesThe quasi federal union of India has had many celebrated and unsung heroes who have been had movies dedicated to educate the people about their sacrifices and how we have the country as it is because of their undying love for the country. To capture the patriotic spirit of the people of India, many movies have been made that show how truly our countrymen can rise above all else to serve India and make it a better place to stay for everyone. Here’s our list of arguably the best patriotic Hindi movies.

Mother India – 1957

The undoubted leader of the pack for patriotic movies to come from the Hindi film industry, Mother India portrays the struggle of a village woman through tough economical hardships as she raises two sons and strives to survive despite the problematic money-lender. The mother is a symbol of the strength of an Indian woman.

Purab Paschim – 1970

The Manoj Kumar production shows how many Indians are ashamed of their roots and even change their names to blend in with the West. The film is about respecting Indian values and staying connected to your roots with a strong patriotic pull.

Shaheed – 1965

A dedication for the work of Bhagat Singh, Manoj Kumar plays Bhagat Singh as the film shows the ways how Bhagat Singh and his followers acted with polite and later violent methods without harming anyone to have their opinion heard by the masses.

Kranti – 1981

As the film’s title suggests the film is about a revolution, particularly the uprising on 1857 along with the events that led to it and what happened after the uprising failed to achieve success.

Border – 1997

Based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, it shows how a bunch of Indian soldiers waged war against the oppressive Pakistan army battalion who easily outnumbered the Indian forces but by proper use of force and the use of the Air Force, India wins the war and is able to push back all the Pakistani forces.

Rang De Basanti – 2006

The film revolves around a group of young Indians who are reminded of the legendary Bhagat Singh when a woman from England comes to Delhi to make a documentary on Bhagat Singh based on the input from her grandfather’s diary.

Lagaan – 2001

The biggest hit of 2001, the film shows the oppressive forces of the British East India Company on a village. The tax levied on them is unreasonable and when the villagers ask for a rollback, they end up in decision based on the winner of a cricket match.

Legend of Bhagat Singh – 2002

Ajay Devgn played the role of Bhagat Singh in a film that may not have done as well as it should have. The story again entails the revolution started by a few young Indians against the oppressive British rulers.

Swades – 2004

The latest mainstream take on a patriotic film, it has Shahrukh Khan playing the role of an NRI who works for NASA but longs to know how his nanny would be in India. He makes the arrangements and visits her and falls in love with India and despite having to return for his job to finish his assignment, he returns to India for improving the conditions in a small village. wishes you and all Indians a very Happy Republic Day. For more articles, check out our Republic Day Section.