Tubelight is on the brink of its release and all the fans are on the edge of their seats. The Khan brothers, Salman and Sohail have literally stunned the audience with their amazing bonding. It’s not that we have not seen them together on screen. Their nok-jhok in the film ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ is talked and loved to the core. The duo however has something else to offer through Kabir Khan’s Tubelight. Salman and Sohail who have always been found having some fun and laughter, are now damn serious. They are damn serious about proving the world that their bromance is beyond what we saw till now.

As soon as the teaser hit the screens, we knew that this is no ordinary film. When most of the time it is all about bhai and his action, Tubelight is totally about Sohail! The way Salman Khan and Sohail Khan have portrayed their emotional side in it, we had never expected it, honestly speaking! Can these brothers, filled with comedy and action, venture into an emotional drama too? Well, Tubelight is the answer to this.

Now, even though this is new to us, their real bonding have always been the way it is now. You won’t believe but these two were always spotted together since they were little munchkins! In their throwback pictures, we can clearly see the notorious Salman and the shy Sohail hanging together like best friends. No wonder, their chemistry reflects on the screen bright as sun. You have seen these now -50- plus aged brothers maturely getting along with each other in reel as well as real life. But have you seen their original chemistry when they were young? Well have a look then!


Salman Khan in red posing while Sohail sits back shyly


Actor Dharmendra giving some useful tips to Salman Khan and Sohail Khan


Jab innocent Sohail Khan met naughty Salman Khan!


Salman Khan (first) and Sohail Khan (below-second) obeying the order- ‘say cheese’!


Looks like Sohail Khan and Salman were thinking about their film already!

So this was the little cute world of Salman and Sohail Khan’s bonding. The brothers have come a long way together, successfully. Meanwhile, their latest film Tubelight is soon to meet the fans on June 25. After taking the ride in this memory lane, we have one more reason to watch the film now.