Actress Tisca Chopra’s short film Chutney released on YouTube on Monday, 28 November and the film has already garnered phenomenal views. With some stellar performances from actors like Adil Hussain and Rasika Duggal, the 16-minute short film highlights the complexities of marital relationships, marred by infidelity and insecurity. The film is made under Tisca’s banner The Eastern Way and makes for a compelling watch.

The best part about short films is that they tell a great story in such a short time leaving the audience in awe. With well known screen stars associating themselves with short films, it is clear that even they find the platform and the challenge to say a lot in just a few minutes interesting enough. The story revolves around the married couple Chopra and Hussain where Hussain is in an extra marital affair with Dugal. What this affair makes of the Dugal-Hussain married life is the crux of the story. The film portrays real emotions and is creepy in parts.

We also compile some of the best short movies we have come across. Take a look!


Mawa Cake! This one will surely warm the cockles of your heart! the generosity of the spirit displayed here does not come out of a larger than life situation. A small act when done with right intention can get you rewards like beyond your imagination. What goes around comes around is beautifully encapsulated here!

Rahim Murge Pe Mat Ro: With a title as quirky ,this movie delivers an equally hatke plot. Piyush Mishra’s voice as a rooster is easily identifiable. Here’s a murga go halal and its killer beautigully weaves the narrative to explain a rather ‘lethal’ scenario!

Rewind: This one stars Mahesh Kothare’s son Adinath Kothare and Sonali Kulkarni in the lead roles. The story is quite intriguing and interesting. A boy meets a girl in arranged marriage setting only to find out that she happens to be the same girl he paid to sleep with. Years ago she was a call girl and he was a vagabond. She has left her past long time ago but the man is not ready to accept her and starts calling names. He then thinks through the situation only to understand the folly of his way!

Printed Rainbow: Wow! is the word that can explain what happens here. An old woman, staying with her cat embark on a journey–a rather fantastical one. As her imagination explores the various possibilities a whole new palette of colours get unleashed!

Bombay Mirror: In just 180 seconds Shlok Sharma gives you film that makes you think about our fickleness as a ideologis. How quickly do our views change and how rapidly do our prejudice and deep seated belief come to the fore. A must watch!


Bypass: This one is a compelling watch for two reasons a) It has Nawazuddin Siddiqui in it b) the story is breezy. When two thugs loot and kill people on the highway they are arrested by a cop. What turns out thereafter is something you must watch!

Afterglow: This 20 minute long National Award winning movie celebrates love, life and luminosity in a strange way. A Parsi lady is mourning her personal loss. Her relatives and visitors pay visit what also come along are the various intrinsic emotions. Do take a look!

Positive: Look who’s on board for this one. Directed by Farhan Akhtar this Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani starrer is about a young boy who is finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that his father acquired AIDs by cheating on his mother. Will his perception about the whole ‘scene’ change as the father is staring at death with his eyes wide open?

Migration: Director Mira Nair straddles the complexities of sex and sexual orientation, and what it means to stay together.  A couple deal with all these facets of human life without being ‘close’ together.  What empowers this beautiful tale is the cast of the movie Irrfan Khan, Shiney Ahuja, Vijay Raaz and Sameera Reddy!