As one goes through life, they notice that people who want to be mean will always find something to tease people about. Even if you’ve got talent and success, appearances will always come into play.

Indian folk singer – Kailash Kher bore the brunt of such tasteless attacks on Twitter. On the night of January 31, people on Twitter had mean stuff to say about the singer, no one knowing as usual, why and how the trend began but still continuing the attacks. People on Twitter took to Kailash Kher’s height and deemed him too short.

The acclaimed singer who was once part of a band called Kailasa has carved a special niche for himself in the music world by specializing in the classical Sufi tradition. With his soulful and high-pitched voice, he has captured the imagination of music lovers across India. But such credentials didn’t stop them making fun of his height! Check out the lame tweets below:









Some people stood on the other side to defend the singer through their tweets: