In Udaan 17 February 2017 episode we see that Chakor tries to convince Vivaan that he should accept the fact that he tried to molest Pooja and should go to jail. She reassures him that she would not let him be in jail for a very long time. Vivaan gets furious after listening to these words from Chakor. He starts yelling at Chakor that he will never accept a crime which he didn’t commit.  He couldn’t believe the lack of trust which Chakor shows in him. He says that Chakor is acting jealous of him and Imli and Suraj and Chakor can’t have a married life and is making her jealous. He says that his mother Tejaswini has destroyed half of his life and the rest of it will definitely be destroyed by Suraj.

In the byre Suraj is trying to convince Imli of the same thing which Chakor taught him. He tells Imli that there is always a goodness in every person which wins at last. He says that Vivaan is acting strange because of these changes going in his life. Imli smiles when she hears these words from Suraj. She tells him that it’s a matter of pride for her that Suraj has changed so much. He tells her that he is sure Chakor will put some goodness in Vivaan’s heart as well.

Chakor tries to make Vivaan understand that she is doing all this for his good but Vivaan is seething with anger and is not ready to understand Chakor. He tries to hurt Chakor physically. Chakor apologizes to hin that her suggestion has hurt him so much. Vivaan asks Chakor why she is showing so much sympathy to him. He knows that there has to be a reason for her to be so good to him.

Vivaan reminds Chakor of the place that they are standing in. He tells her that this was the place where they use to meet. He reminds her that it was the same place where she promised him to be by his side forever.

He tells her that she is engrossed in helping her selfish husband, who used to torture him. His mother gave him drugs and he used to scare him all the time and is the one behind his broken confidence. Suraj and Imli try to figure out Ragini’s plan. Suraj tells Imli that there has to be a trick played by Ragini. The game is very well played and Pooja is definitely on Ragini’s side. Imli gets very worried and starts crying. Suraj tries to console her and gives her a hug.

Vivaan is still not ready to accept the reality. He Laughs at his misery and says that is life is finished. He reminds Chakor that if in the day of their marriage, if the brides would not have been swapped, she would have been married to an impotent husband. He congratulates her and kicks her on the leg. (Also Read: Vivaan gets insecure when Imli hugs Suraj)

Vivaan and Chakor then goes to the byre and finds Imli hugging Suraj. Imli tells Suraj that she is incapable to save the love of her life. When Vivaan looks at Imli Ragini stops him from speaking.  She asks him not to speak because the two lovers are meeting after a very long time. Vivaan tells at Imli and she tells him that she was so worried about him and Suraj was consoling her. Suraj tells him that he should not have yelled at Imli. Suraj tries to convince Vivaan that Chakor is right but Vivaan is so angry that he is not ready to listen. He tells Suraj that he and Imli are capable to take care of themselves and they don’t need the assistance of him and his wife.  (Also Read: Starving Suraj has to sweep the entire village)

When Chakor and Imli come to the haveli, they are very worried about Vivaan. Chakor knows that something bad is going to happen. She knows that Vivaan will go and accept Ragini’s offer. Chakor again tries to make him understand that Ragini is trying to play with his mind but Vivaan is so upset that he says he has listened to enough of the commands from others. This is the time for him to decide for himself and he has decided to accept Ragini’s offer. He asks Ragini to come forward and seal their deal.

Ragini tells Imli that she told her about Vivaan’s surrender before midnight. She knew that Vivaan will take this decision as it is for his own good. Vivaan tries to clear the deal with Ragini. He confirms that she will give the money to Pooja to clear the case. He decides his responsibility in Ragini’s business. Ragini tries to twist the words and says that he will do whatever Ragini and Kamal Narayan will ask him to do related to the accounts of the company. Vivaan accepts but Kamal Narayan rejects the offer.  (Also Read: Vivaan reveals his impotency)