In Udaan 20 March 2017 episode we see that Vivaan, Kamal Narayan and Ranjana celebrate Holi inside the Haveli. They put colour on each other’s faces and congratulate each other for this occasion. Ranjana tries to use the love of this occasion to brainwash Vivaan even more. She tells him that Kamal Narayan has been a father to him and has always stood up for him whenever he needed, so on this occasion he should touch Kamal Narayan’s feet and take his blessings. Vivaan shows his reluctance to touch Kamal Narayan’s feet but Kamal Narayan says that the day is not very far away when Vuvaan will get over his father Manohar’s love and will accept him as his father. Chakor tries to interfere in this conversation and gives her best shot to tell Vivaan about her father. She starts saying the truth that she found a file which Suraj made but as soon as Vivaan hears Suraj’s name, he gets annoyed and says that he doesn’t want to listen to any word which is related to Suraj. Vivaan is not ready to listen to anything which Chakor has to say but Chakor still says that he should never give his father Manohar’s place to Kamal Narayan. To teach Chakor a lesson, Kamal Narayan calls Ragini in front of her and tells her that she should go ahead and execute her plan to kill Suraj on the occasion of Holi itself. Kamal Narayan then directly tells Chakor that she should start mourning the loss of her husband because today is his last day and he will be no more to play the role of her husband.

Chakor tries to call Suraj and warn him but Suraj doesn’t pick up her call because he is busy celebrating Holi. Chakor decides to run to the village and reach there before Kamal Narayan.

Suraj is waiting very desperately for Chakor and has plans to make Chakor drown in the colors without making her realize.  (Also Read: Suraj and Chakor are falling in love)

The villagers get shocked when they see the car of Kamal Narayan reach the venue of their Holi celebration. Kamal Narayan hugs Suraj and congratulates him. He says that he has been waiting for this Holi since a very long time. Ragini joins him and says that from today onwards there will be no enemy of her father, only his friends will be left.  (Also Read: Suraj and Chakor to finally meet)

Suraj keeps waiting for Chakor to come and gets annoyed that she has not bothered to come to the celebration to play Holi with her husband. He feels that his love is one sided and Chakor doesn’t feel the way he feels for her. He asks Pakhi to abort his plan to put color on Chakor and asks her to go and enjoy the celebration. He gets very disappointed and disheartened that the love of his life is not in love with him. He doesn’t know that as soon as he leaves, Chakor comes and the same flowers and colors which he planned to put on Chakor shower on him. She smiles and knows in her heart that Suraj must have planned it for her. (Also Read: Kamal Narayan threatens to kill Suraj)