In Udaan 21 March we see that Kamal Narayan has declared it to Chakor that he is about to kill Suraj on the day of Holi. He says that he will put an end to all of his enemies and there will only be friends left for him in Azadganj. Ranjana asks Vivaan to build friendly relations with Kamal Narayan and accept him as his father but we want shows reluctance and says that Kamal Narayan can never take the place of his father Manohar. Chakor tries her best to reveal Ranjana’s truth at this point of time. She wants to reveal it to Vivaan that Ranjana killed his father for money but Vivaan is adamant and says that he doesn’t want to listen to anything she has to say. He thanks Chakor for her advice and says that it was not needed.   (Also Read: Suraj and Chakor are falling in love)

Suraj keeps waiting for Chakor in the village to celebrate his first Holi with her. But Chakor is nowhere to be found in the celebrations. He feels that Chakor is not in love with him and doesn’t have the same feelings which he has for her. Kamal Narayan comes to the celebrations and hugs Suraj to congratulate him for Holi. He knows in his heart that this would be the last Holi of Suraj as he would kill him by the end of the day. Initially all the villagers get skeptical about Kamal Narayan’s arrival but Kamal Narayan starts to sing and dance and the villagers get diverted with the energy he brings.  (Also Read: Kamal Narayan threatens to kill Suraj)

Ranjana and Ragini are present in the village to entertain themselves with the last moments of Suraj’s life. Tonight in Udaan we will see that Kamal Narayan asks Chakor to meet Suraj for the last time. He says that he has still not killed her husband and she has the chance to go and meet him one last time. Chakor rushes towards Suraj. She is drenched in the colors which Suraj planned to shower on her. But Suraj doesn’t know that he unknowingly ended up doing what he planned to do. When Chakor meets Suraj he finds out that Chakor has already been playing Holi. He on the other side was waiting for Chakor to come to start playing Holi.  He feels cheated and heart broken as he realizes that Chakor is not in love with him. ( Also Read: Will Suraj die before meeting Chakor?)