Colors Tv show Udaan has been one of the longest running shows of the channel. Chakor and her battle with Bhaiyaji and his Bhandua rule has been the crux of the show. Kamal Narayan aka Bhaiyaji has been the sole evil man of the show who has made Chakor’s life hell. He is an enemy of his own son, Suraj. Over a period of time, Chakor and Suraj who hated each other since kids happened to come close. The two got married under most unrealistic circumstances and were determined to part ways. However, destiny had different plans for them.

Soon, Chakor and Suraj became friends and decided to stand against each other in thick and thin times. Suraj had to face Kamal Narayan’s wrath for cheating on him and he made his son’s life hell. Throughout all the problems, Chakor stood by her man. He soon began to realise that she is the one he longed in life. They became each other’s well-wisher and tried to save each other from Kamal Narayan’s plans. However, there seems to be no end to Kamal Narayan’s evil raj. (ALSO READ: Udaan 20 March 2017 written update, full episode: Will Suraj die before meeting Chakor?)

However, in the meanwhile love blossomed for Chakor and Suraj. We have been waiting for a long time to see the couple’s love confession which is finally going to happen soon. They are not aware of how either of them feels and fears rejection. This sole fear that kept them away from making the love confession.

But this Holi seems to change things for the love birds as they will make this confession in public. Yes, under the influence of bhaang, Chakor and Suraj will speak their hearts out finally. The two dance together and enjoy the festival of colors together. It would be interesting to see how the plot of the show takes shape after this most awaited confession. (ALSO READ: Udaan 20 March 2017 written update, preview: Kamal Narayan threatens to kill Suraj!)