In Udaan we saw that Chakor survived the blast but was shocked to see Suraj in the custody of Ragini. Chakor runs over to Suraj and asks him how this happened. Kamal Narayan announces that this is the happiest day of his life and praises Ragini that today she has done something worthy of respect. He defames his son Suraj and says he is the most useless child a person can have. He says that this occasion calls for a celebration. After all it is the last day of Suraj’s life. He asks his men to decorate each and every corner of Azadganj. He also invites all the villagers to the celebration because it’s after all Suraj’s last night alive. He asks Chakor to look at her husband one last time because he won’t to be alive for her to see. Ragini orders her men to take Suraj to the Haveli.

While Kamal Narayan’s men start taking him away, he apologizes to Chakor for ruining all her efforts to save his life. Kamal Narayan ties Suraj in the Haveli and tells him that from tomorrow onwards a new chapter will begin in Azadganj’s history. Chakor comes running to find Suraj and Ragini stops her and asks her men to stop her from meeting Suraj. Kamal Narayan interrupts Ragini and tells her to allow Chakor to meet Suraj one last time. He calls them the fake lovers and asks her to give them a moment to experience their fake love.

Kamal Narayan keeps making mockery of Suraj and Chakor’s feelings for each other. Vivaan comes to the Haveli and he is furious. He grabs Kamal Narayan by his collar and threatens to kill him. Kamal Narayan’s men take hold of Vivaan and Kamal Narayan takes his anger out on him. He slaps Vivaan and tell s him that he is alive on the pieces of food which he is throwing towards him. Kamal Narayan insults Vivaan by saying that he spent half of his life in drugs and now he is selling the left over respect of Rajvanshi family by working for some other company.  He asks Vivaan to go and live in Imli’s maternal house because there is no place for him in this Haveli anymore.

Ragini brings in some new fine men to guard Suraj so that Chakor can’t help him escape this time. Kamal Narayan threatens Chakor that if she tries to help Suraj escape this time he will not hesitate and shoot Suraj in the forehead. He asks his men to guard both Chakor and Suraj. As soon as Kamal Narayan and Ragini leave, Chakor starts firing her questions on Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that he had the plan to go far away from Azadganj but it was Chikoo who sold off his honesty and Suraj’s life. Chakor couldn’t believe the tale. She apologizes to Suraj and says that she is very sorry for trusting Chikoo and she didn’t know that he will prove to be dishonest. Suraj is disheartened and says that he has no options left. He will either die soon or will be a bonded labour of Azadganj. He realizes his mistake and admits that it is his fault that Chikoo became dishonest. He never cared about him and his needs and that was the reason his honesty was bought with money. He tells Chakor that she is the girl who has taught him to care about other people. It’s her has taught him that taking someone’s life is not the solution to any problem. Chakor ask him how he finally understood her point of view. Suraj then tells her that since the time she has started sacrificing everything she had for him, he has understood a new meaning and approach to life. Suraj is in a dilemma. He doesn’t understand the swirl of emotions going inside his heart. He confuses them with the fright of dying but is unaware that it is his love for Chakor and the possibility of their separation which is making him uncomfortable. His mixed emotions are very complex for him to understand.  ( Also Read: Will Chakor and Suraj’s love blossom in distress?)

Chakor suddenly remembers that she forgot to thank Suraj for the lovely gifts he gave her on her birthday. She says that till today she never received so many gifts. It was him who made her birthday memorable. Suraj is surprised to know that she liked the gifts he chose. He asks her the favorite one and she tells him that the one which had a dream of Azadganj’s freedom on it was her favorite.

Both of them are wondering how to escape and fail his plan to kill Suraj once again. She says that she will hide each and every weapon of the Haveli so that they will not be able to kill Suraj. Suraj asks her not to behave like a child. He is scared of dying and getting away from the girl he has started liking. He even mentions this to Chakor that there were days when he didn’t want to live but nobody let him die that time and today he wants to live and everybody wants him to die.