Ustad Alla Rakha (29th April 1919 – 3rd February 2000) has been honoured by a Google Doodle celebrating the Indian table maestro’s 95th birthday. The Google Doodle has Ustad Alla Rakha doing what he did best, play tabla, as a slightly angular top view of the two instruments represent the double usage of the letter ‘O’ in Google’s logo.

All the letters that make up the word Google have been given a very circular and rounded shape except for the letter ‘L’. The second ‘g’ in the logo has been shown by a line connecting two circle to make a ‘g’ and also to show that despite the two entities in a table, they make for one instrument.

The last letter in the logo is a circle which has a horizontal line not quite in the middle to symbolize the ‘dhol’, an instrument which was accidentally broken which led to the invention of the table. The line doesn’t divide the orb exactly in half because a tabla is the combination of two instruments, a long tall instrument which is played dominantly by the index finder and a fat and stout instrument which is played by the non-dominant hand.