Sunny Leone -Ragini MMS 2 movie still3After the immense success of Sunny Leone in Baby Doll from Ragini MMS 2, the makers of the film have come out with a remix version. Sunny Leone’s sexy seductress looks from the original song come in flashes with amplified sound and a more cutesy and comic look to the too-hot-to-handle song. (Watch Sunny Leone in the uncut trailer of Ragini MMS 2)

The singers get a healthy dose of screen time with almost as much as Sunny leone can be seen dancing as she dons skimpy skin tight clothes and just lingerie for a bit. Sunny Leone has thrilled the audience with her don’t-give-a-shit attitude and is all set to do that all over again with her latest film, Ragini MMS 2. (Sunny Leone’s orgasmic sequence in Ragini MMS 2)

Wild and sexy scenes in the bedroom and in the shower to transforming into a possessed demon, Sunny Leone dons the role of an eerily hot seductress and roles our a visually appealing song video for Baby Doll and the same can be said about the remix too. (Sunny Leone’s Baby Doll vs Laila Teri)

The Punjabi indie pop video looks are retained with the remix as the unconventional voice of the female singer grows on you with the electrified beats. The generous use of loops and auto tune makes it sound even better with more trance music added. It will make a good dance track in clubs and parties where people are a bit tipsy. (Sunny Leone roughed up during promotional tour)

Check out the song here.