Stars are susceptible to minor or major mishaps in the course of shooting. Injuries during an action scene or dance sequence or a particular shot are very common these days. Here’s one such incident that took place during rehearsals of a scene on the sets of Life OK’s Ghulaam. Sareeka Dhillon, who is seen playing the role of Rashmi, has been injured and had to be rushed to the hospital after her co-star Vikkas Manaktala accidentally hit her with a saw.

As Sareeka was hurt by the saw’s pointed end, she started to bleed profusely. Are you wondering what happened for Sareeka to land up in a hospital? Sareeka and her co-star Vikkas were rehearsing for the scene where he had to hit her with a saw. But unfortunately, when he lifted the saw, the actor lost his judgment and the pointed end of the saw hit Sareeka which bruised her face and blood started oozing out from the wound. She was then rushed to the hospital by the production house and her co-stars.

Doctors have advised Sareeka to not shoot for three to four days as she cannot use make-up. But since the makers would find it difficult to manage without Sareeka in the show, they have incorporated her getting hurt in the show too. (ALSO READ: Ghulaam When Param Singh aka Rangeela lost his voice after a scene)


In her statement to Times of India, Sareeka said, “Yes, it’s true that this unfortunate accident happened. I am just fortunate that it did not hurt my eyes or things could have been worse. The production house and my co-actors rushed me to the hospital. The doctor has advised me to not shoot for three to four days as I cannot use makeup. But, Ghulaam is my priority. Hence, I am continuing to shoot. I don’t want the show to suffer in any way because of me.”

A week ago, Sareeka’s co-star Param Singh too was hospitalised after he suffered a hand injury while shooting for an action scene.