On Friday, the government replaced the Central Board Of Film Certification chief Pahlaj Nihalani with award winning lyricist, Prasoon Joshi. Prasoon Joshi was appointed with immediate effect for the next three years or until further orders, as was announced by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry in a press release. All this done, Nihalani says he was actually preparing for an exit for months now. Despite repairing and modifying the CBFC upon his arrival, Pahlaj believes there are some “celebrating premature Diwali” upon hearing the news of his departure.

When asked, Nihalani refrained to make any direct comment on his successor Prasoon Joshi, however, has some sanskari advice to give. “Whoever takes over from me is welcome to do. I only hope he doesn’t reverse the work that I started at the CBFC.” said Nihalani. He went on to recall the developments made under his tenure, “I feel we have achieved a lot in the past three years. We’ve speeded up the certification process and made it entirely digital.

Nihalani hopes his successor doesn’t fall trap to what he calls “pseudo-progressive elements” in the film industry: “I just hope my successor doesn’t succumb to false notions of liberalism propagated by the pseudo-progressive elements in our film industry and work in a direction opposed to mine. Do I have any regrets? None at all. I worked in all sincerity and with utmost honesty.”

Nihalani will be going back to producing films.