The drama queen of all time Rakhi Sawant loves to hog the limelight any chance she gets. Yes, recently Rakhi confirmed that she has been watching and even following Bigg Boss 10 show. She even desired to enter the show, if the makers call her. Rakhi was last in Bigg Boss season 1 and grabbed instant fame with her crazy antics and weird behavior. The Bollywood starlet Rakhi is once again back in news for all the wrong reasons as usual. The actress was last seen in her new web series ‘Rakhi In Khaki’. In an recent interview with an online portal, Rakhi lashed out at ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Om Swami and actress Sunny Leone. She even said that she does not want Om Swami to win the show and that she does not like him.

While talking to she was quoted as saying, “I want to go inside the house and take Swamiji’s class. Why is this old man commenting on women’s characters? Who is he? Is he a judge? I would love to steal his clothes and make him walk nude in the house. I will throw his clothes outside the wall, let him go search for them. I might cut his hair when he is fast asleep. Don’t know which cave they picked this Baba from!”

We told you earlier that Om Swami is the most controversial candidate of the house. He has managed to irk almost everyone in the show and even the audiences so far. Om Swami has a non-bailable arrest warrant on his name according to reports. It states that Om Swamiji aka Vinodanand Jha has two different cases registered under his name. One is about theft and other is about illegal possession of arms. We even heard that the non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against him just two days before he entered the Bigg Boss 10 house on October 16th. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Delhi Police arrives at BB10 house to arrest Om Swami!

According to an India Today report, it was stated that Pramodh Jha, the younger brother of Om Swamiji, had accused him of breaking the lock of his bicycle shop in Lodhi Colony along with three men before stealing 11 bicycles, few expensive spare parts, sale deed of the house and some important documents. Om Swami was even booked for trespass and theft in the shop in 2008. Apart from the theft case, Swamiji is also accused in seven cases under the Arms Act and TADA. His younger brother also added that some obscene photos of women were also found in Swamiji’s possession and that he allegedly used to extort money from them.

Considering all this, it is not shocking that Rakhi Sawant is mighty angry in him. But she wants Om Swami to stay in the show till finale. She said, “He should stay in the game with his lungi till the end to keep us all entertained.” She even spoke about Sunny Leone and said, “Every time you talk about Sunny Leone, you call her a porn star. Why do you say that when she wants to shed that image? She is a porn star. I can’t call her a Bharatiya nari, right? If she is not a porn star, what is she? Even we didn’t have money, we didn’t go to America and do nude stuff on television. Do you think my body is not good? I don’t want to do all this. Why do I need to do sex on TV for a living? This is not fair. No Indian should do this. I can’t do such things. Now she is acting with big stars. I have named my assistants Sunny and Leone in Rakhi in Khakhi. We live in such a beautiful nation that no matter how big an actress she is, she had to learn Hindi here. She was roaming nude in the West, but Indians gave her food, saris and money. I am an original!”

Rakhi Sawant was missing from the small screen and said she met with an accident. “I had met with an accident while performing for a show in Colombo. I tripped and hurt my head, as there was too much artificial fog. I had to shave my head and undergo an operation. I couldn’t come out in public without hair. I lost partial memory after the accident. I couldn’t recall a person’s name! I had become Lady Ghajini (laughs).” The portal asked her whether she was depressed, Rakhi Sawant said, “I can never go through depression but I put people in depression (laughs).”

She even went ahead and shared her take on the US Elections. Rakhi said she could have easily defeated Donald Trump. “I should have contested against Donald Trump. Hillary could not shake him; I would have won easily,” she adds.