Game of Thrones season 4 premiered on April 6 on HBO, but not in India of course, because it takes longer for new seasons of shows to be broadcast in India than it’ll take for the Whitewalkers to finally invade, but we’re clearly the only ones who realise this.

For those of you who don’t know, Game of Thrones is a TV show based on the epic fantasy books of George R.R Martin called A Song of Ice and Fire. Having never read the series (we make it a point not to read anything more than 500 pages long) we really don’t want to get into the argument on whether the show is as good as the book, we’ll leave that to the book snobs, fanboys and teenagers to sort out amongst themselves. (Read: Top 3 Arya Stark moments)

What we can say however, is that as a show (without consideration to the fact that it’s adapted from a book) Game of Thrones is unique. It’s mix of fantasy, politics, religion, society, war and sex is rather appealing even to people who are normal.

Just for those of you want to pretend to watch Game of Thrones so people will like you, here’s a few basic things you need to know:

1) The books were written by George R.R Martin.

2) It’s set on two fictional continents called Westeros and Essos.

3) There are 3 main parts to the storylines all of them closely entwined ,One is of noble families squabbling over who is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The second is Daenerys Targaryen‘s attempts to assemble an army to reclaim her throne (oh and did we mention she has dragons?), the third is the White Walkers in the North approaching the “the Wall” just as winter is coming.

It’s really not important learning the characters names as they tend to die on a regular basis. The downer of this show is getting attached to a particular character only to have him or her brutally murdered in a flash.

The 4th season will surely be good (they wouldn’t have announced a 5th and 6th season if it wasn’t). Maybe if we’re lucky we just might get to see a bit more of the dragons and White Walkers.