Something has changed about John Abraham and we aren’t complaining. The actor, who has been holding accounts on various social media platforms, has not been as active as his fans would like. Barring the time when he has a film coming up, the actor stays away from posting non-film stuff, giving us no insight into his personal life.

Yes, there are pictures and clips of his working out every now and then and while they have kept his female fans drooling and male fans inspired, his admirers definitely didn’t get enough of him. But of late, we have been seeing John Abraham making an effort to invite his fans and followers into his personal space. And we know what and who has influenced this change.

A source close to the star revealed to that John is a private person and except for the time when he has a project coming up and talking about it on social media is a part of the promotional plan, he prefers to lie low. He hasn’t been using social media to its full potential and that’s a big reason why he is only being written about in media close to his films’ release.

The source further disclosed that his PR team, his friends from the industry and those with whom he has been collaborating, have been ring about his once in a blue moon updates. “It is almost been like a sabbatical. He will put up two posts a month – that too 15-20 days apart from each other and then not update anything for another month or so. It is showbiz and it is imperative for one to be seen, heard and written about as often as possible to remain in the reckoning. Finally, John has given into all the suggestions by friends and colleagues and has decided to be more regular with his updates,” shared the source.

John Abraham To Collaborate With Tiger Shroff For A High Voltage Action Film?

John Abraham To Collaborate With Tiger Shroff For A High Voltage Action Film?

We hear that a small team is now in place to help the star manage his social media accounts and keep nudging him about his fans and followers on social media. One can already see the difference that this has made.

We are on day 13 of September and John has already put out 14 posts on Instagram. There’s a post with his cute as a button niece that will turn your heart into mush. Then there is one where he is sharing the frame with the very dishy Tiger Shroff, the two men ready to give you endless, sleepless nights. There is also a super sweet video where Johnny boy is sharing the malai from nariyal paani with his pet dog – Bailey Abraham. He also dedicated one to his Garam Masala co-star Akshay Kumar on his birthday. You can also spot John’s goofy avatar as he reveals how he keep himself motivated to jump out of bed each morning! Check out the posts below:

If you think this is for promoting his next film Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran, it doesn’t come out until 8th December 2017. The film is co-produced by John Abraham Entertainment and Kri-Arj Productions. We can most definitely expect more posts around the film’s release. But till then, let’s just hope that John keeps these updates coming. Because we can never get enough of him, can we?