Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan Khattak white Victorian wedding

Veena Malik celebrates her birthday today. She was born as Zahida Malik on February 26, 1984. But the reason the 30-year-old actor-singer has recently been in the news has nothing to do with either her birthday or her forthcoming movies. No, she has not been posting sexy pictures on Twitter like Poonam Pandey or Sherlyn Chopra either. So what has she been up to?

The Pakistani artiste who crossed over to Bollywood and South Indian movies made the news for simply getting married to her soulmate, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. She had tweeted after her engagement, “I have found my Soul mate…. my Friend…my Partner!!!”

Veena, who was apparently living-in with her Indian boyfriend Prashant Singh in Mumbai, got married in a jiffy to Asad in Dubai in December 2013. So why did she go ahead and get married again (to now husband Asad)?

Veena revealed that she, like many young women, always wanted to have a white church wedding since childhood. As her marriage took place in a traditional nikah ceremony, she was yearning to walk down the aisle as well. Her loving hubby Asad fulfilled his promise and wedded his already lawfully wedded wife in a traditional Christian white wedding in Washington, D.C. Reports say her white wedding reception was held on Feb 23 on a luxe cruise liner ‘Spirit of Washington’.

Veena looked pretty in a white wedding gown, posing for pictures with her tuxedo-clad handsome husband. We wish the couple a happy married life! Check out the unseen pictures of Veena Malik’s white wedding here.

And btw, the car that Veena and Asad arrived in for the white wedding is also her birthday gift. Check it out in her tweet below!

The other birthday gift that Veena got was a diamond ring from Asad – look!


How cute!