Why is Shahrukh Khan promoting Sunny Leone's co-star Saahil Prem?

Unlike Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan is not known to encourage everybody who wants to enter B-town and who comes his way. He likes to pick and choose who he would promote. So we were wondering why Shah Rukh has been vocal about his support to Sunny Leone’s Ragini MMS 2 co-star Saahil Prem, who will be seen in his own directorial debut, M.A.D. Mad About Dance. The answer lies in the past.

Saahil Prem happens to be the son of a veteran film journalist and Cine Blitz Editor Nishi Prem. Shah Rukh apparently is ‘indebted’ to her for helping build his Bollywood career with his first interview. So SRK is simply trying to repay her by supporting her son.

Shah Rukh posted a picture of Saahil and him on Twitter and said, “1 interview by Nishi Prem, made me a star . I wish Sahil all my lov & luck for MAD. My friend Nishi I never thanked u.”


Like we told you, Shah Rukh likes to pick and choose who he mentors!