Will Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ be kicked by Hrithik Roshan’s Bang-Bang?


What happens when two of the sexiest-people-alive come together? We get a ‘Bang-Bang’. With the first-look poster of Hrithik Roshan -Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Bang-Bang’, Kick’s to-be-made records are looking in a danger. Salman Khan’s fans were enjoying good days, until Fox Star unveiled the poster of Bang Bang yesterday. With just a single poster, the Hrithik-Kat starrer has collected humongous buzz and is expected to shatter the records expected to be made by Khan’s ‘Kick’ so far.

Kick’s promo has received over-whelming response from celebs as well as public. The movie amassed tremendous buzz with its trailer. But it witnessed a dip when its first song Jumme Ki Raat was received with an average response. Amidst the ‘just good’ buzz of Kick, Bang-Bang aimed the bull’s eye by releasing its temperature-soaring poster. The dynamic-duo of Hrithik-Katrina is back after ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, and is one of the main reasons for mounting the craze of the movie. It is said that the movie will screen the best ever action scene of Bollywood. The talked about scene has been shot in Dubai.

Hrithik, in past, too spoiled the party of Salman by crossing his highest grosser- Ek Tha Tiger with a monstrous margin. Ek Tha Tiger collected Rs. 199 crore at the Box-Office, whereas Krissh 3 raked over Rs. 240 crore. And with the ongoing scenario we hear Roshan’s fans humming to Khan’s fans: Be scared, be very scared!

Bang-Bang is produced under the banner of Fox Star India and is slated to have a release on 2nd October, 2014 while Kick will hit theatres on 25th July, 2014.

  • SkyWalker

    Hrithik is far more talented performer & physically better than Salman.

    Hope he stays in good health & keep acting for many more years.

    • Pintu Mishra

      Let Mr Modi decide who is better.

  • Tapori Indian

    Salman Khan is a Budhha, nearing 50. This man should retire now. Dubai based Sadaf can’t pop up his so called fake box office marks, for ever…and why he always try to get his films released during some Muslim Holidays or like?

    • Iman Ali

      Both are good but hrithik chemistry with katrina kaif is awsome , bang bang will definiely kick off hny bkwass old film!

    • kick

      Tira bap ko bolna fukker

  • Captain

    Don’t forget dat bcz of Salman Khan Hrithik has this kind of physic and he is turning old but still he is one of the best entertainer in Indian cinema n broke many records. So instead of saying bad things you should respect an individual for their work..n moreover u r nothing in front of him. First b on his level n Dan comment ..n if u can’t Dan shut the fuck up.

    • Sumeet

      @captain, LOL! are you mad ? Salman trained him only for 1 year just before his debut, Hrithik’s physique has been trained by kris Gethin, world renowned body builder, don’t post rubbish things. moreover nobody wants to go to the cheap 2 rs level of salman who only does south remakes lol

      • ABC9999

        “Bang-Bang” is a remake of the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film “Knight and Day”.
        For Salman Khan(actor, producer, television presenter, and philanthropist-Wiki),
        -Maine pyaar kiya
        -Hum Aapke he kaun
        -Hum Saath Saath Hai
        -Tere Naam
        -starred in more than 80 Hindi films
        -2010 People Magazine, India declared him the Sexiest Man Alive
        - In August 2013 he was declared as India’s Most Searched Celebrity Online
        -In 2004 Khan was ranked as 7th Best looking man in world – People Magazine, USA
        - In 2008 his lifelike wax statue was installed in London’s Madame Tussauds Museum and so in 2012 once again his another wax statue was installed in New York’s Madame Tussauds Museum

        • tukai

          hur ja ta…

        • Abhilash

          so what…..even hrithik got all these things…he too got his wax statue, nd many rankings for sexiest man alive……but when u compare hrithik got more talents, in dance, in acting , in looks, in physique..he is a complete package…nd he do respect salman…hrithik is very commited in his works

        • Iman Ali

          Bang bang film worth to watch! 300 crore film definitely excited to watch trailer n film! Best of luck for katrina n hrithik!

          • kick

            this year bigest flop bang bang sex film

          • Daaku Modi

            Not even shahid afraid of bang ritik,haider releasinnh on same date

        • Velocity

          Hrithik has starred in about 19 films and most of them are successful, he has got success ratio of about 50%!

          Hrithik was declared sexiest man alive much more times than any bollywood actor.

          Hrithik became the youngest bollywood actor to have a madame tussauds wax statue in the year 2011. his wax statue is also installed at both london and new york.

          Hrithik has won numerous awards, he has won 4 times best actor filmfare awards.

  • mj

    Stop this hate….I personally like both of them…almost all actors are nice…..they are entertaining us …..just stop this hate!

  • saquib

    Please dont compare hrithik to salmaan…..hrithik is far ahead….salmaan sirf south indian remake hi kar sakta hai…overacting ki dukaan

    • Hasmi Rofsanjani

      Shut up….daabangg,daabangg2 n ek tha tiger south ki copy nehi hai…fir v all time blockbuster hit huya hai….Hrithik Bang bang hollywood ka remake hai…film ka naam The Knight and the Day…Hrithik sirf Krrish series ka film ko sabse bada hit bana sakta hai…kisi aur film ko nehi…

      • Karan


    • kick

      tira bap ko bol chutiya Hrithik muslim ladki ka shadi karke choddiya usko sapot karo saram karna

  • Hasmi Rofsanjani

    Salman is the box office king….Kick ka record koi nehi tod sakta…kick iss saal ka sabse bada hit hoga…aur Hrithik sirf Super hero film Krrish ko bada hit kara sakta hai..kisi aur film ko nehi….Hrithik bang bang jyada se jyada 160-180cr kamayega…Aur Kick 250+cr……

    • Imran Hassan

      are you sleeping my friend’

      • kick

        muslim hoke saram kar mera samne mil thodega haram kor

    • Iman Ali

      We have best wishes for salman too! N kick at least will be better than hny.

    • kick

      Hasmi sir you right sorry 250nahi kick 300cro

  • Imran Hassan

    Bang Bang will break all records In sha Allah

    • kick

      aby sallu fans soya nahi yad rak Hrithik aaj ka bacha hai samje usko sharuk takker de bol bhai ko nahi

  • HR rocks

    Please guys don’t compare Salman with any one.It will insult the whole Film industry.Even Jackky bhagnani is a better actor than sallu.

    He is a criminal too. So when his statue is in London’s Madame Tussauds he will be in Jail soon.

  • Raksha OA

    yes off course it will not only kick “kick” it will also kick “p.k”, “hny”

    • Iman Ali

      Bang bang poster has definitely beaten all posters of bollywood! Some people are saying this folm is dhoom4, going to create dhoom!

    • devil

      @raksha OA keep dreaming dude. let bang bang break kites’ record first. and don’t forget this time hrithik doesn’t have his famous “PAPA” to support him. the director is flop and unknown. so forget about competing hrithik’s bang bang with pk, and kick,.

      • HR rocks

        First of all have some knowledge then say something.
        For your info
        1: Dhoom 2
        2: Jodha Akbar
        3: ZNMD
        4: Agneepath…………………….
        were not produced by senior roshan.
        And they are among the biggest hits of bollywood & also critically acclaimed.
        again please try to find the name of “da-bang” producer you will get your answer.

        • sam

          4 hit movies in a span 7 years is no great achievement though he is good actor………

        • kick

          abe chup hoja movie relize nahi huwa na dek sallu ka hum kitna bada hit karega wach hit

  • Iman Ali

    Awsome poster, never seen like this before! bang bang blockbuster wikk kick hny n p.k too

  • sdds

    hrithikmania will soon began after knph

  • sdds

    hrithik is a god

    god’s movie shoud not be compared

  • Devil

    wow what a joke. this article must be created by a blind “out of BRAIN” hrithik fan. really? hrithik will overshadow the king of box office who has been ruling Bollywood for more than 2 decades? get a life. just prey that bang bang beats kites’ record. hrithik is class actor and much better in action than salman no doubt. but in box office he can’t compete with salman, aamir and shahrukh. bitter but truth.

    • HR rocks

      Really dumbass ……………
      Let’s see who rules the box office this year, THE GREEK GOD or your gay partner jallu (sallu).
      And first join the 200 cr. club then claim your gay partner is a box office king.
      I think that’s why he is not marring anyone. As because you can’t marry a guy in India after being a guy (I guess so) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Karan

      “who has been ruling Bollywood for more than 2 decades?” LOL

      Are you fully retard? Nobody knew who Salman is before Dabangg 2010. He was known as Flop Khan, SRK used to own him.

  • Someone

    I am not going to watch any of Mr Salman Khan’s movie until he is either convicted of the offence he is alleged to have committed or the case is set at naught n he is set free. I am sure the man who was killed and those who were injured should get justice n its far more important than how much his movies can gross up at the box office. Whether he goes to jail or not is not something tht we are to decide as those matters lies within the jurisdiction of the court.
    All tht I want to say is tht I js can’t simply watch him until the case is rested in favour or against him.
    However each one has their own thoughts n I respect it.

    • Daaku Modi

      Bhai i agree by mistake he commited mistake and dat was accident,asoka killed thousands of people but he proved to be a great person who served humanity after that and salman is doing same,helping people

  • Imran Khan

    Bollywood k king ek hi h DaBBanG khan love u sallu

  • salman fan

    Haha you said jumme ki raat song got average response seriously? Jumme ki raat is latest charbuster and more song are coming on way.

  • Kaustubh Mane

    it should be because hrithik’s movies are of international standard , n leads our country ,he work so hard to make india proud globaly so …………KICK will be n should bekicked

  • Ammad

    hahaha what a joke …hrithik aur kick ka record torega? PonkaaAAAAA

  • Hassan

    Hrithik haters can only talk about kites
    But kites collected 50cr nett dispite of nt real easing in few circuits in south and more than 100cr gross worldwide
    Wer as salmans hit film wanted collected in same range worldwide
    And wat abt Salman s marigold collection
    75 lakh nett??haha
    Hrithik doesn’t give disasters like this even in his worst phase
    Have Shame Salman fans
    2 decades he ruled bo??ghanta
    After hahk
    Till wanted ek film bata uski Jo successful badi hit thi??
    Acting seekhlo pehle

  • kick

    Hrithik aaj ka bacha salman ka samne bacha hai salman bolywood ka jaan hai ban ban iss bar big flop hoga

  • kick

    kick movie this year bigest hit hoga salman ko aaj se takkar nahi de saktha

  • kick

    yar Rithik kiss seen acha kartha hai ladki ka kapda utarneko ko acha lagtha bhai issa nahi fans ka jaan hai uska samne Hrithik chamcha hai

  • kick

    kick this year all record thodega 2014 most awited movie kick

  • kick

    salman bolywood real box office king thoda din me patha chalega

  • kick

    bang bang bukwas poster movie kiss seen bara huwa rahega famley movie nahi hai BF rahega

  • kick

    yar ha sit chutiya ka rahega chutiya rithik fan ka rahega salman fan message kiya sab delit hotha hai

  • kick

    This year bigest kick only movie cross 300cro sallu bolywood ka box office king record bananeko first sikaya

  • kick

    bang bang dubba sex movie

  • Sunny Shah

    salman khan is 1000 times better than hrithik roshan.
    hrithik is a superhit only on his father films.

    • Karan

      Change your name to “Funny” Shah lol

  • Imran Hassan

    Hrithik Roshan is real super star and good human being also Bang bang will be huge block buster

  • ABC9999

    Hahaha…You have already prove by yourself that who wants social message..

  • http://Handsome.com kG

    Bang bang is a pathetic “remake” of a Tom Cruise movie. That is what I hate about HR and Katrina Kaif ,they both sell their fair skin as the main attraction for fair skin obsessed Indians! Neither one has any real talent,Katrina can’t act,dance or even speak proper Hindi. HR wants to be a Hollywood star. Good luck with that. Specially with that freaky extra finger! Notice the blond tones in the poster. It is pathetic!
    Salmon Khan at least looks like a proud Indian who plays in Indian style mass commercial movies. I am not a big fan but the man looks and acts like a Hindi star ,not a third rate Hollywood actor.

  • Aditya

    U guyz r funy,especially skywalker.hrithik had only one statue only in london.new york borrow tht statue for 1 month from london museum.nd dont compare hrithik wid salman.salman is a mass entertainet nd hrithik is a multiplex kinda hero.nd also hrithik learns dancing,acting, nd all the other things bfr joining bollywood.where as salman is a natural talent.

  • Karan

    Yeah, he will keep stealing movies from South and NEVER act in his movies.

  • Karan

    To all Hrithik fans, please don’t compare him with someone like Sallu LOL.