Since past some days, Arjun Rampal has been continuously seen in the limelight due to his recent movies that hit the silver screen. Arjun was seen in the second installments of Rock On and Kahaani recently! Now Arjun will be back with a terrific biopic based on the life of gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli and the movie is named ‘Daddy’. Arjun recently released a voice teaser, teaser and its first look and everybody was in awe with it! Arjun seems to have put in a lot of effort to look the part. The teaser actually has us in anticipation of the movie and we are waiting to see more of Arjun as Arun Gawli. The film is produced by Arjun Rampal and he also turned scriptwriter for this one. Yes, the initial script was actually first penned down by Arjun himself. Here are the details!

As reported in DNA, Arjun Rampal said, “I actually started working on the script myself for the first time. I started penning a kind of a story down and when I needed help, that’s when I spoke to Ashim (Director). And then when we both started putting our heads together, I think that’s where it all started from.” Now, it is interesting to know that Arjun did not just limit himself to acting but is also eagerly experimenting on other facets of cinema.

Now it is not easy to portray such a popular face unless it is perfect! We are sure that this role must have been a challenge for the Kahaani 2 star. While talking about this, Arjun said, ” It took me at least a year to digest how I am going to play Arun Gawli. To figure out, we did lots of tests and reading and writing. I also gathered a lot of information about Arun Gawli’s life and then finally we got to meet him. After seeing the other side of him, we were convinced that we wanted to make this film.” Of course, it takes a huge amount of efforts and research to make a film on someone who is known by so many people and for so long. Also it is a big task to take the approval from the person himself on whom the biopic is done. We can bet that it is not easy to take out minute details and get the untold facts told by the person himself! (ALSO READ: Arjun Rampal or Arun Gawli? Daddy First Look will leave you confused and curious)

By the look of the trailer, the movie seems to focus on the life of Arun Gawli in the best way possible. As of now, we are really liking the way the we think the story might go. Arjun Rampal too mirrors Arun Gawli in his white attire, body language and diction! Right now we are liking the vibe of the film and we wonder what are real daddy’s reaction to that!

For those who have not yet seen this spine-chilling teaser, watch it here asap!