In the 11 January episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we see that Sohail changes his shirt but there is no tattoo mark on his hands. Ishita is baffled as she clearly remembers that the driver Vikram had shown her Sohail’s photograph and said that there was a tattoo on his arm. She gets angry and confronts Sohail as to how he managed to remove the tattoo. Sohail asks Ruhi what is happening and she tells him that Ishita is suspecting him because of what the driver had said. Sohail understands that they had planned the dinner just to check if he has the tattoo on his arm. He gets angry at Raman and Ishita for suspecting him because of some driver whom they don’t even know. Ishita tells him it was not any driver but his uncle and he told her that his father had committed suicide. Sohail says his father is in an institution and is recovering and is very much alive. Sohail leaves the Bhalla house in anger and does not listen to Ruhi as she asks him to wait. He says he is stupid for coming to Ruhi’s house to get insulted. He confesses his love for Ruhi and bangs his hand on his car in frustration. His hand bleeds and Ruhi becomes sad on seeing this. She tries her best to stop Sohail but he leaves.

Simi wonders what is it that she does not know that is upsetting Ruhi so much. Just then she receives a call and she says she will come and meet the person.

Ishita apologises to Raman but Raman gets angry at her for insulting Sohail. Ruhi also gets angry at Ishita and says she always thought that she thinks rationally but she is making a big mistake by trusting any random taxi driver more than Sohail. Raman shouts at Ishita and says she is wrong and she should accept her mistake. Ishita says she is not doing this to prove herself right but only because she is concerned for Ruhi.

Ishita goes to her mother’s house crying. She says everything is going wrong and all are fighting with her. She says she needs some alone time, some space and silence. Her mother says this is her house and she can come here anytime and stay but the Bhalla house needs her and so does Ruhi. Her mother assures her that she will handle everything well and she should not lose hope.

Ishita goes to see Pihu and she is shivering. She murmurs in her dream that she does not want to see it. Ishita wakes her saying it is just a bad dream. She asks Ishita not to leave her. Ishita consoles her and puts her to sleep. She goes to sleep with Pihu wondering what had happened that has made Pihu so scared. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9 January 2017 written update, full episode: Pihu goes missing after her camp!)

In the morning Ishita sees that Pihu is sleeping and she has wet the bed. She feels there is some problem and decides to consult a counsellor.

At the breakfast table Mihika asks Romi why Raman and Ishita are upset. Romi does not tell her anything as he had promised Raman. He says they should trust Raman and Ishita as whatever they do will be for everyone’s good. Simi’s mother asks her to have breakfast and she leaves in anger, leaving her office file behind. Raman comes to the breakfast table, angry at a news piece about molestation of a girl. He gets angry and says that he hates it as even he has girls and he does not want his girls to live in fear. His mother says that they can only teach their sons to behave but they cannot teach everyone. Raman still shouts in anger as he is scared for Ruhi and the news makes him worry about Ruhi’s safety.