In the 17 February episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we see that Gulabo tells Pihu that she will explain her history very well but Pihu is very sad and does not respond. She tries to engage Pihu in conversation but she is lost and doesn’t say anything.

Ishita comes and Gulabo asks Ishita some history questions to engage Pihu. Pihu answers the questions and Ishita leaves Pihu with Gulabo. Gulabo teaches Pihu and she happily learns everything. Ishita is also happy to see Pihu. She tells Shagun that she is happy Poonam was caught on time. Shagun says it was her fault and Ishita should not feel guilty about it. She asks her about the new nanny and Ishita says she is very nice and she handles Pihu very well. Just then Pihu comes and says Gulabo explains just like papa.

Mani comes in and Shagun introduces him to Gulabo. Just then Mani’s phone rings and he gets worried. Shagun says Mani is in a lot of stress these days. Gulabo feels there is something else that is troubling Mani as he became very nervous on receiving the call. Gulabo senses it is Nidhi’s call.

Gulabo hears Mani talk on the phone. Nidhi threatens Mani to arrange an ambulance and he has to drive it also. Mani says he cannot do it and Nidhi says she has nothing to loose but Mani’s entire family is there and she can harm anyone. Gulabo decides to inform Abhishek. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 February 2017 written update, preview: Pihu’s new nanny threatens her)

Ruhi and Alia are about to leave and Adi tries to stop her. Ruhi leaves them alone with each other. Adi asks Alia to come out with him on Valentines Day. Alia says she doesn’t need any day to feel romantic and asks Adi to spend the day with their family. Adi says Alia is talking like Ishita and Alia says she wants to be like Ishita and keep the family together like she has done. Adi and Alia express their love for each other.

Ishita apologises to Pihu for nanny Poonam’s behavior. Pihu says the new nanny Gulabo is very good and she teaches like Raman. She says she feels she is with her father whenever Gulabo is there. Ishita feels Pihu is also missing Raman. Ishita wonders if Raman is missing her and if he remembers their anniversary.

Raman calls Abhishek and asks him to keep and eye on Nidhi. Abhishek says he has an eye on Nidhi’s each and every activity. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 February 2017 written update, preview: Raman hears Nidhi talking to Mani about their partnership)

Ishita calls Gulabo and asks her to come early the next day and Gulabo agrees. Adi enters Raman’s room and says he heard a girl’s voice. Raman who was talking in Gulabo’s voice lies to Adi and says he was watching a video on his mobile phone. Adi asks Raman to come out with them for dinner on Valentines Day and Raman agrees.

Raman gets up the next morning and hurriedly gets ready to go and get Gulabo’s getup. He then rushes to Pihu’s house and gets her ready for school. Pihu happily listens to her. Ishita is happy to see Gulabo take care of Pihu.

Shagun tells Ishita that Mani is not taking care of her since a few days. She says Mani does not care for her but only for the child. Ishita says Mani cares for Shagun but maybe he is tensed because of his work. Shagun says that she feels Mani has changed after she got pregnant and Ishita says it is not so. She then shares that Raman has changed as he did not even wish her on their anniversary. Just then Gulabo comes and says that someone has sent flowers for Ishita.