Zindagi Gulzar Hai

With heavy hearts we all have to bid adieu to our favourite show at present, Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The 26 episode came to an end on Friday as it aired for the last time but not before giving its viewers all the reasons to smile. The last episode featured some much needed confessions, few moral values and most interestingly, the coming together of lead pair Zaroon Junaid and Kashaf Murtaza played by Fawad Afzal Khan and Sanam Saeed respectively.

In the last episode we see a very disturbed Kashaf at her mother’s house. Upset over thinking about her husband Zaroon’s affair with his ex-fiancé Asmara, but Kashaf is still concerned about him. As for Zaroon, he is also remains aloof at his workplace. Kashaf continues to think about him and ponders about their time spent together in past.  During the entire show, we have noticed that Sanam Saeed playing Kashaf has always doubted Zaroon’s character. She believes her husband who was a flirt during his college days is a womanizer even after marriage. And that has been the trouble with her!  She at times appears to be nagging wife who always doubts her husband.

In past episodes we have seen a concerned and emotionally available Zaroon played by talented Fawad Afzal Khan but Kashaf has never confessed her love towards him. She speaks to her mother about him and that she has left his house. Days pass by and the two continue to think about each other with more bitterness arising as much as Zaroon complaining to Asmara that he has made mistake by marrying Kashaf!

With more days passing, Kashaf comes to know about expecting twin girls that upsets her even more. She thinks Zaroon will not expect her and their girls as he wants a male heir.  Kashaf imagines her life would be just like her mother and would have to spend her life as a single mother despite having a husband.

In her last attempt to save the marriage Kashaf called Zaroon but due to some misunderstanding he does not take her call, making her angry even more.  But in the end they talk, she tells him about their girls that make Zaroon very happy. As for the last few minutes of the episode should be watched as this is something as refreshing as a daisy. Kashaf finally tells Zaroon how much she loves him and that he remains to be the only man that has come into her life and will be the only one ever. Zindagi Gulzar Hai defines the real meaning true happily ever after.

As for Fawad Afzal Khan and Sanam Saeed, they remain to be most sought out couple on the television screen. Their on-screen chemistry caught everyone’s eye and Sultana Siddiqui’s direction will be always looked forward to. The show will be replaced by another Pakistani melodrama Maat.