Cricket fans across the world want to know everything about international cricketers. We often wonder what goes on behind the closed walls of the dressing room. We love to watch players at the ground and also keen to know about their personal life. But, at one place where only designated persons have the right to enter is still the Pandora’s Box to fans as they don’t have any idea what is happening there. Many moments before and after the match happen at dressing room but those incidents never come in public domain as players keep their mouth shut. But a cricket comedy show ‘What The Duck 2’, which is hosted by stand-up comedian Vikram Sathaye, brought us some funny dressing room secrets while talking to contemporary cricketers. ‘What The Duck 2′ shows are available on Viu app.

So, here are five interesting dressing room secrets of Indian cricket that you have never heard before.

When MS Dhoni almost makes Ajinkya Rahane cry 

When former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to retire from Test cricket, he made an announcement to the team in Melbourne. In the middle of the Test series against Australia, Dhoni told his team that he is going to retire from the Test cricket. Dhoni, who is always an unpredictable person and kept people at bay before taking any decision as a captain, didn’t even let his family know about his decision. But, for youngster Aynkya Rahane that was an extremely emotional moment. Rahane admitted that he found himself similar to Dhoni. He also went on to reveal that he was shaken by this announcement that he actually wrote a letter to Dhoni. Also read: Deliver as a captain, else give up captaincy: BCCI to Virat Kohli

When Rohit Sharma’s coach gave him a pale reaction, even he scored 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in 2014 

Rohit Sharma is known as a hard-hitting opener for Team India. After making limited over cricket debut in 2007, he took years to settle down. He is now one of the most loved batsmen for Team India for his consistency with the willow in hand. He is one of the clean hitters of the white ball. Fans often call Rohit as ‘Sharma Ji ka beta’ so does his coach. The right-handed Mumbai batsman smashed 264 against Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens in 2014, but when he came back to the dressing room and greeted his coach, who gave him a pale look at him and told him, “You started slow or else you would have scored a 300”.  264 is still the highest individual score in ODI cricket and is yet to be broken.

What did one Rahul say to another Rahul in the Karnataka dressing room?

Team India’s one of the bright faces is KL Rahul. As a young kid, he used to look up to another Rahul who achieved so much for Team India during his illustrious career. KL Rahul had several opportunities to watch and learn from his predecessor Rahul Dravid before making his debut for Team India. Also read: Anil Kumble quits as Team India coach: Why blaming Virat Kohli is wrong!

Once, at Karnataka dressing room, KL Rahul asked Rahul Dravid what is the secret of his success as an international player. Dravid, in reply, told him to go out with friends and watch a movie. Take a break from cricket as it’s important for one to switch off and switch on. K L Rahul was bemused with Dravid’s reply, but now looking back he realizes the meaning of his sweet and simple advise.

When Parthiv Patel sledged Steve Waugh and he had to bear the brunt of it in the dressing room 

The legendary Australia skipper Steve Waugh was playing the last Test of his illustrious career at Sydney Cricket Ground (SGC) in Sydney in 2004. It was the fourth and final Test of the remarkable series which was drawn 1-1. Waugh was in the middle to nullify Indian bowlers to avoid a defeat to hang his boots on a sweet note. During his innings undefeated 80 run innings, the 19-year-old Indian wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel, who was half of Waugh’s age, took a jibe at Steve Waugh from behind the wickets, “Come on Steve, just one more of your popular slog-sweeps before you quit.”

Waugh turned back and replied, “look, buddy, show a bit of respect,  you were in nappies when I debuted eighteen years ago.” Later in the dressing room, the little Parthiv Patel was schooled by his teammates, including Sachin Tendulkar for that unwanted sledging against a great player called Steve Waugh.

What Shikhar Dhawan told himself on his debut against Australia!

Shikhar Dhawan is a prolific southpaw. When he is good from he is almost unstoppable. Following a successful ODI debut, he was called for Test debut in 2013 at Mohali. Young Shikhar Dhawan was left in the middle among the wolves. Australia’s fearsome fast bowler probably didn’t take the southpaw seriously, so he taught them a lesson during his 187 runs innings.

Before taking the guard he was nervous but as he got the going the boundaries were coming on a consistent basis. From back in the dressing room right onto the playing field after lunch, he even cussed at himself in his mind thinking, “Bhai aaram se khel. Mauka mila hai. Ganwaa na diyo tezi ke chakkar mein”. But apparently, as he puts it, “body maan nahin rahi thhi” so out on the field he decided to go aggressive & smart, not brash & rash.