In a major development from the Chapecoense football team plane crash news, a video has now emerged on the internet, one which shows members of the team just before the accident. This is a major development with respect to the crash considering that it is the last happy moment of the players seen together before the fatal accident. Meanwhile, more news has developed in regard to the popular football team.

According to media reports, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. or PSG have come forward to help and have said that they will give a donation of 40-million Euros to Chapecoense. There are also other reports that suggest that the club will not be relegated for the next three years as far as Brazil’s top-most football league is concerned. Also, in another piece of news, local clubs have also said that they will loan players to Chapecoense without any fees and that they are exempt from relegation for the next 3 years. You can also see below how the reaction of the players in the changing room of the football team was. These are players who were not on the fatal flight. Another picture below tells you how bad the accident was. Meanwhile, in another video too, the team can be seen in happier times. This is the second video below from another flight.

Also, Atletico Nacional are due to play Chapecoense in a major club final called the Copa Sudamericana and if reports are to be believed, the title will now be a conclusion. This because Atletico Nacional have requested that Chapecoense be given the title. (Brazil football team Chapecoense in Colombia plane crash)

One has to say that this accident is a continuation from a long list of accidents that have struck the beautiful game in the last century. It is an incident that will not be forgotten in a hurry. (Colombia Plane Crash: Twitter reacts to tragedy, send condolences for Chapecoense football team)

There have been reports that 75 people have been found dead and only six people have been rescued. One will wait and keep a track of news as far as the rescue operations are concerned and hope that there is some respite from there. Three footballers have been rescued thus far. Tributes meanwhile have been pouring in on a consistent basis for the footballers and beyond. (Lead picture courtesy: EPA)