Chelsea VS Manchester UnitedSamuel Eto’o’s hat-trick helped Chelsea beat Manchester United by 3-1 at Stamford Bridge. With 16 league games remaining, United is now lagging behind the leading team Arsenal by 14 points after losing Sunday’s match. While United’s injured strikers Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie’s absence affected the team’s performance, Chelsea scored 2 against United’s 0 in the first half and later in the second half, the scores were 3-0 with Chelsea clearly in the lead, Sports24 reported.

David Moyes, who has been chosen by British football’s renowned manager Alex Ferguson as his replacement, said that the team had a bit of a bad luck with the first one but no one else could be blamed other than the team itself for the next two goals. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said that it was a big win and praised Samuel Eto’o for his outstanding performance that lead to Chelsea’s win.

Results Round-Up

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Crystal Palace bt Stoke 1-0

Liverpool tied Aston Villa 2-2

Manchester City bt Cardiff 4-2

Norwich bt Hull 1-0

Sunderland tied Southampton 2-2

West Ham lost to Newcastle 1-3

Swansea lost to Tottenham 1-3

Playing Monday

West Brom vs Everton

Source: IANS