(Delhi Daredevils take on Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2nd match of IPL 2014 at Sharjah on Thursday. Catch Live Scores and Live Updates of the match here)

Delhi Daredevils start off their journey in IPL 7 against Royal Challengers Bangalore at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Delhi Daredevils already have a big blow to their side in the form of Kevin Pietersen not being able to play due to his finger injury during that happened about a month ago. Dinesh Karthik replaces the injured Kevin Pietersen as the skipper to lead the pack into their first match of the tournament.

Royal Challengers Bangalore will be looking for a spectacular entry into the tournament with no physical maladies to report and a team full of star players.

RCB has a batting order that can only be dreamed of with Chris Gayle opening the batting with his usual charm to hit tha ball all over the stadium followed by the likes of AD de Villiers, Virat Kohli and new addition to RCB, Yuvraj Singh.

Delhi Daredevils will rely heavily on Ross Taylor, JP Duminy and Murali Vijay to start the attack against the Bangalore bowling attack or they will be in big trouble.

The odds favour RCB but only if DD can give them a free pass at a couple of points.


Royal Challengers Bangalore win by 8 wickets

OVER 16.4: Bangalore 146/2

Shahbaz Nadeem comes back into the attack to try and prove his worth. Yuvraj Singh swings a ball that pitches near his leg and the ball is out of the park followed by a 4 off of a no ball. Yuvraj Singh gets his 50 to answer his critics. Virat Kohli hits the winning runs.

OVER 16: Bangalore 132/2

Mohammad Shami comes back into the attack to slow down the scoring and get both the set batsmen out. Shami bowls a very good slow ball which just sails past Yuvraj Singh. A wild swing and a miss by Yuvraj Singh.

OVER 15: Bangalore 124/2

Rahul Sharma comes into the attack and Virat Kohli slams the ball out of the park for a 6 followed by another 6.Another wide ball but Yuvraj Singh swings his bat and guides the ball for a 6. Strategic time out indicated by the umpire.

OVER 14: Bangalore 104/2

Virat Kohli is making the most of his lifelines and smashes a 6 off of Neesham. A slow ball nicked by Kohli but doesn’t carry to Dinesh Karthik. A wide ball but flicked by Kohli and it goes for a 6.

OVER 13: Bangalore 89/2

Wayne Parnell comes into the attack and gets a good ball in flicked to the fielder but dropped by Neesham. Virat Kohli gets a lifeline with that dropped catch by Neesham. Virat Kohli slams a shot and is dropped again.

OVER 12: Bangalore 86/2

Neesham comes into the attack to try and get a wicket. Virat Kohli charges Nessham but gets a single. A good short ball and Yuvraj Singh gets beaten again making him look real bad especially for being the most expensive player this season of IPL. Yuvraj Singh responds by swinging hard and getting a 4. Yuvraj Singh gives himself room and gets a good shot but straight to the fielder.

OVER 11: Bangalore 79/2

Rahul Sharma comes into the attack and gets slammed for a 6 by Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh shoots the ball out of his bat but a fielder stops it from going past the ropes.

OVER 10: Bangalore 69/2

Mohammad Shami comes back into the attack to attack Yuvraj Singh. A scared pull shot by TYuvraj Singh but the ball is called a wide. Another short ball and an attempt to get out of the way catches the top edge of the bat and gets Yuvraj Singh 4 runs. Another top edge as Yuvraj Singh is living dangerously now. Delhi has a good strategy against Yuvraj Singh and it seems to be working.

OVER 9: Bangalore 63/2

Rahul Sharma comes into the attack to bring a spin on things. Parthiv Patel charges the bowler, Rahul Sharma corrects his line and a quick pull gets 1 run for Patel. Parthiv Patel as flirting with the ball and he gets bowled out by Rahul Sharma. Yuvraj Singh comes out to replace Parthiv Patel.

OVER 8: Bangalore 60/1

Shabaaz Nadeem comes back into the attack. Parthiv Patel and Virat Kohli now have a partnership of 50 runs now. RCB needs 88 runs from 74 balls to win. A wide delivery by Nadeem in his attempt at a cheeky ball.

OVER 7: Bangalore 55/1

JP Duminy comes back into the attack after the strategic time out. A slow over comes to an end.

OVER 6: Bangalore 50/1

Nadeem comes into the attack to try and become the secret weapon for Delhi Daredevils. Parthiv Patel gives himself room and smashes the ball away for a huge 6. The ball is lost and a replacement has come into play.

OVER 5: Bangalore 37/1

Parnell comes into the attack to slow the scoring down and maybe even get a wicket. Virat Kohli slashes the ball and it goes away for a 4. An inside edge has the bowler and wicketkeeper running to get a hold of the ball while Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel run and take a single. Parthiv Patel gets another 4 off the last ball.

OVER 4: Bangalore 28/1

Mohammad Shami comes back into the attack and starts off with a good short delivery. Shami is getting good seam movement from the ball despite the back foot prowess of Parthiv Patel. A risky line by Shami and it has been called a wide ball. Parthiv Patel pulls the ball and gets a single for a good shot. A good fast bouncer and an appeal for a caught behind but the umpire is not interested. Parthiv Patel answers Shami by charging him down the ground and slamming a 4 down the ground.

OVER 3: Bangalore 17/1

Wayne Parnell comes into the attack and gets hammered away for a 4 by Parthiv Patel. A good Yorker bowled by Parnell to keep the batsmen aware and discourage big shots.

OVER 2: Bangalore 10/1

Mohammad Shami comes into the attack and he is getting a good on his deliveries. A short ball by Shami tried to be pulled away by Maddinson and gets caught behind by Dinesh Karthik. Virat Kohli walks out to bat. A wide ball and it beats Dinesh Karthik to run away for 4.

OVER 1: Bangalore 5/0

Parthiv Patel and Nic Maddinson open the batting for RCB while JP Duminy comes into the attack for the bowling attack. Maddinson gets off the mark with a brilliant shot for a 4.


OVER 20: Delhi Daredevils 145/4

Ashok Dinda gets the last over for RCB and starts off with a wide delivery that gets hammered away for 4. Another bad delivery from Dinda but just a single this time. A good slower in cutting ball from Dinda missed by Ross Taylor after a strong swing and clear disappointment for Taylor. A fast run for the single and JP Duminy will keep the strike for the penultimate ball. JP Duminy swings and the ball sails over the fielders for a massive 6. JP Duminy swings hard and gets a 4 to end the DD batting.

OVER 19: Delhi Daredevils 128/4

Mitchel Starc comes into the attack to bowl the penultimate over. A wild swing by Ross Taylor gets a lot of the outside edge and the ball runs away to third man for a 4. A slow bouncer and it beats Ross Taylor who tries to connect and get a few runs. A repeat of the outside edge 4 for Ross Taylor and a thicker edge runs away faster for a one drop 4. JP Duminy gets a powerful shot away for 4.

OVER 18: Delhi Daredevils 115/4

Ashok Dinda comes into the attack. JP Duminy frees his arms and slams a massive 6 followed by a 4.

OVER 17: Delhi Daredevils 101/4

Mitchel Starc comes back into the attack to try and get a wicket. Ross Taylor swings and almost gets a 4 but stopped by Ashok Dinda at the ropes. Ross Taylor moves across the stumps to hit the ball away to the leg side. JP Duminy swings and tries to get a 4 but 100 runs up for Delhi daredevils with 20 balls left in the first innings. A full toss by Starc but only a single off of it. The pressure of keeping the scoring tamed is showing from the RCB bowlers.

OVER 16: Delhi Daredevils 93/4

Yuvraj Singh comes back intgo the attack and gets hammered for a 6 by JP Duminy. Ross Taylor and JP Duminy now have a 50 run partnership.

OVER 15: Delhi Daredevils 82/4

Chahal comes into the attack to bowl the 15th over for RCB. The Delhi Daredevils batting failed to score regularly until JP Duminy and Ross Taylor came and kept the scoring continuous. A close call and a chance for a run out goes upstairs for the third umpire to decide. Virat Kohli saves a run and almost causes a fall of wicket but Ross Taylor is safe.

OVER 14: Delhi Daredevils 79/4

Yuvraj Singh comes into the attack for RCB. The scoring has been slow but constant which will help the Delhi Daredevils in their total. The strategic time out has been taken.

OVER 13: Delhi Daredevils 74/4

Ashok Dinda comes back into the attack to try and break the forming partnership that may take Delhi all the way. The need to get a wicket getting to Ashok Dinda as he bowls a wide delivery. A wide ball and played well that goes for a 4.

OVER 12: Delhi Daredevils 63/4

Chahal comes back into the attack for the 12th over. JP Duminy charges the bowler and gets a single. A misunderstanding caused after a misfield almost ends in a run out but both Duminy and Taylor play on.

OVER 11: Delhi Daredevils 58/4

Ashok Dinda comes into the attack to bowl the 11th over. The average furst innings score at Sharjah in the past 9 matches is 142. An overthrow gives 2 runs instead of the single.

OVER 10: Delhi Daredevils 49/4

Chahal comes back into the attack to put the ailing DD batting out of its misery. A wide ball beaten by the batsman and the wicketkeeper almost runs away for 4 but stopped a few metres short of it.

OVER 9: Delhi Daredevils 40/4

Aaron comes back into the attack to try and get a wicket to break the last known batting pair in the Delhi team. Royal Challengers Bangalore took in control of the match at this stage. A bouncer and JP Duminy tries to pull it away and gets a top edge but the ball lands safely away from any fielder.

OVER 8: Delhi Daredevils 36/4

Chahal comes int0 the attack and gets a wicket off of the 1st ball. Murali Vijay gets bowled but the umpires are waiting for the confirmation to see if the bails were dislodged by Parthiv Patel. Ross Taylor walks out to bat as Delhi looks in a lot of trouble. Chahal is showing his control of the ball by beating the batsman with his variation. JP Duminy and Ross Taylor need to bat out the rest of the innings to put up a decent total for Delhi Daredevils.

OVER 7: Delhi Daredevils 35/3

Aaron comes back into the attack with a good ball to Murali Vijay. Aaron is really mixing up his deliveries as he gets a good bouncer to stop the scoring. A wide ball which Parthiv Patel fails to cleanly collect the ball and the batsmen sneak a single. Another wide by Aaron as he struggles to find the right line. He plays it safe and gets away with just a single scored off of it and the strategic time out has been taken.

OVER 6: Delhi Daredevils 30/3

Albie Morkel comes back into the attack as the ball gets flicked off of the pads by Murali Vijay and sloppy fielding lets it run away for 4. A quick single and an overthrow almost gives them another single. Delhi Daredevils seem to be in quick repair mode as they pick up the singles. A lovely shot by JP Duminy with a straight bat and he gets off the mark with a 4.

OVER 5: Delhi Daredevils 17/3

Aaron comes into the attack and gets Manoj Tiwary caught behind who walks back to the pavilion after scoring 1 run. Aaron is happy about getting away with not only a a wide ball but by getting a wicket as he celebrates with Virat Kohli and the RCB team. JP Duminy walks out to bat and will try to stabilize the crumbling batting performance. Aaron is getting good swing on the ball. A wicket maiden for RCB.

OVER 4: Delhi Daredevils 17/2

Albie Morkel comes back into the attack as Dinesh Karthik comes out to bat after Mayank Agarwal gets caught by Virat Kohli off of Mitchel Starc’s bowling. Morkel strikes with his wicket of Dinesh Karthik caught behind by Parthiv Patel. The captain of the Delhi Daredevils gets a faint edge off of a beautifully shaped delivery by Albie Morkel. Manoj Tiwary comes out to replace the DD skipper. Murali Vijay tries to charge Morkel but gets an inside edge and they run a single.

OVER 3: Delhi Daredevils 15/1

Mitchel Starc comes into the attack and gets slammed for a 6 by Murali Vijay. The ball is lost in the crowd and a replacement ball comes into play. A wild swing and a miss by Mayank Agarwal. Top edge and Starc strikes as Mayank Agarwal gets caught out by Virat Kohli.

OVER 2: Delhi Daredevils 7/0

Albie Morkel comes into the attack to bowl the 2nd over. A slower ball from Morkel and it moves off of the seam before it reaches Parthiv Patel. Agarwal swings, barely gets any power on the ball and almost gets caught out.

OVER 1: Delhi Daredevils 4/0

Murali Vijay and Mayank Agarwal will open the batting for Delhi Daredevils. Mitchel Starc starts the bowling attack for Royal Challengers Bangalore. There is some swing in the pitch. Starc is getting good position on the ball but the Mayak Agarwal reaches out and gets 2. The field is unnaturally full of grass unlike the matches we saw in the 90s.

Virat Kohli wins the toss and elects to bowl first, Delhi Daredevils will set the target