What do you get when two footballing greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele travel in the super-fancy Emirates A380? If you have no idea what goes down you will have your answer after watching the clever new advertisement for Emirates Airline where both footballing greats are tangled in a football debate.

The commercial takes place in the Emirates’ onboard lounge, where Cristiano Ronaldo emerges from the plane’s first-class shower. Vain that he is, the Portuguese then stands at the bar reading a magazine article about himself. He overhears two fans whispering about how great he is. He finds the chat about him flattering till he hears that he’s won three FIFA World Cups! As he hasn’t won any World Cup, Ronaldo wonders what’s going on!

That’s when Brazilian legend Pele appears to stand next to him. The Real Madrid forward then realizes it was him they were talking about all along. Pele laughs deviously at the Portuguese star. Then another, young fan appears and asks Cristiano Ronaldo for a picture, handing his camera to a suddenly anonymous Pele. Ronaldo then concludes the series of events with a confident wink.

There’s something all us football fans will agree on! Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good actor! Watch the Portuguese’s acting skills in the Emirates advertisement below: