Damien Walters loop the loopYou might have seen motorcycles and probably even cars complete a loop or to put it simply, go a complete circle on a circular path but to be able to do it on foot is much harder than it sounds. Until now the feat was not achieved by anyone but it has been now.

Damien Walters, a free runner, has been able to run a complete 360 degree path or a loop the loop like something you would be able to do in a computer game.

Damien and his crew practice endlessly with mats because the centrifugal force would push his ody towards the mat after he would be halfway through but by going over it again and again Damien finally got rid of the mats and after a few abandoned attempts, he could do the run and come out on his feet.

Damien’s usual running involves doing back flips and general jumping off of railings and holding on to pretty difficult urban terrain but the stunt on Pepsi Max’s YouTube channel really pushes the limits of what can be humanly achieved.