(India takes on England in the 3rd Test match in India’s Tour of England at  Southampton. Catch all the Live Score Updates and Live Cricket Action here.) 

India 154/1o after 66.4 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 52*, Pankaj 9 

Ali finishes the game with style by fetching one more scalp to add to his ever-growing kitty of wickets. His finally tally reads 6 for 67 for this innings as he gets rid of Pankaj with a beauty. The five match series is placed back on even grounds. Its a collective defeat- session for session-for the guests.

India 154/9 after 63 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 39*, Pankaj o*

Moeen Ali strikes with vengeance to complete the haul of his 5 wickets in this innings. He does the act with clinical precision, his spin as menacing as ever. England needs a wicket to win now, and Rahane’s solitary battle looks absolutely futile. India stare at the defeat. The faces in the dressing room look as gloomy as the overcast English sky!

India 148/6 after 58 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 32*, Ravindra Jadeja 13*

With Anderson ending his opening spell with finesse , bagging two  important wickets early on, it would be interesting to see what Chris Woakes has to offer in terms of his repertoire as a bowler. The young bowler attacks in tandem with the spinner Ali as Rahane and Jadeja look calm but composed.

India 128/6 after 53 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 21*, Ravindra Jadeja 5*

Moeen Ali has been brought into the attack as India struggles to save this match with hopes rested on the shoulders of  the right-left handed batsmen combo.  Inspite of producing sharp turns, Moeen Ali gets no respect from Jadeja. While the former tries to surprise everyone with his spin, the latter doesn’t miss the opportunity to hit the oddly pitched delivery down the ground for four!

India 120/6 after 48 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 18*, Ravindra Jadeja 0*

Anderson strikes again and how! In his attempt to punch the ball down the ground, albeit hesitatingly, Captain Cool got a thick edge on his bat only to see the ball getting straight into the safe pair of glows of Butler behind the stumps.

India 112/5 after 43 overs. Ajinkya Rahane 18*, Ms Dhoni 0*

India receives a big blow early on as Rohit Sharma gets a feather touch on his willow only to see the red cherry being pouched behind the wickets on a beautiful delivery bowled by anderson, and that brings MS Dhoni on the crease.