India 169/4 after 63 overs. Murali Vijay 59*, MS Dhoni 12*

India have finished the day without any further loss of wickets and this partnership has finally been able to put India back into the competition. England were struggling at a point when Pujara and Vijay were going strong, but one over from Plunkett where he took the wickets of Pujara and Kohli on consecutive deliveries and has India struggling after a point.

India 163/4 after 59 overs. Murali Vijay 56*, MS Dhoni 9*

MS Dhoni and Murali Vijay are giving it their best to get the team out of trouble and the English bowlers are trying to get every bit of help that is available in the pitch to get rid of the batsmen. This has been a very good session of cricket so far and the contest between bat and bowl has been the one of the best that has been seen in recent times.

India 118/3 after 45 overs. Murali Vijay 37*, Ajinkya Rahane 0*

Liam Plunkett has changed the whole complexion of the match single handedly in a single over as he picked up the backbone of Indian batting in 2 consecutive delivery. While Cheteshwar Pujara was dismissed caught behind by the Keeper, Virat Kohli shouldered hands to an incoming delivery and was bowled. The game now seems to be more in favour of the Englishmen, as another wicket or two can bring the match completely in their favour.

India 99/1 after 39 overs. Murali Vijay 26*, Cheteshwar Pujara 35*

Indian batsmen have been able to keep the English bowlers at bay for most of the second innings and the lead is creeping up alarmingly for the Indian team. Murali Vijay has played rather slowly so far in this innings and with nearly 30 overs remaining in the day, and pujara once again getting a good start, India look well set for a good total here in the second innings.

India 52/1 after 18 overs. Murali Vijay 8*, Cheteshwar Pujara 6*

Shikhar Dhawan once again departed after showing promise in his short stay at the crease. It’s Pujara, the apparent successor to rahul dravid who is in the  middle now and the onus will lay on him and the other opener to see India through this tough period. the scoring rate is not all that high and the English bowlers themselves are not giving enough chances to get wickets.

India 33/0 after 11 overs. Shikhar Dhawan 27*, Murali Vijay 5*

India have indeed managed to get rid of the lead that the English batsmen had established and are now looking quite comfortable in the game. Shikhar Dhawan is looking good for the first tim ein this series and hopefully he manages to stick around a bit firther making a healthy contribution. Murali Vijay, as he has done throughout the series has looked solid as ever and seems to be settled to get another good score.

India 11/0 after 4 overs. Shikhar Dhawan 10*, Murali Vijay 0*

India have got off to a rather reasonable start as they go into lunch on day 3 at 11/0, still 16 runs behind though. The onus completely lies on these 2 batsmen to give India the edge in this game.

England 319/10 after 106 overs. 

India have managed to get rid of theEngland 293/9 after 102 overs. Liam Plunkett 39*, Ben Stokes 10* remaining English wickets in the very first session here on day 3, but they also gave away a lead of 24 runs, a stat that might just prove to be decisive in the long run of the game. bhuvaneshwar Kumar was the star of the show as he picked up 6/82 in the match.

England 293/9 after 102 overs. Liam Plunkett 39*, Ben Stokes 10*

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar has managed to pick up his best figures in test matches as he picked the wickets of Ben Stokes and Stuart Broad in the same over. India are on the verge of getting the first English innings wrapped up, but liam Plinkeet, who has looked really comfortable in the middle so far and James anderson, the hero from the last match in the middle. Might just prove to be tricky for the indian bowlers.

England 272/7 after 96 overs. Liam Plunkett 32*, Ben Stokes 0*

India has finally been able to get a break through, but one gets the feeling that it has come a bit too late. Mohammad Shami has got the better of the English keeper with a fast and short delivery. But the pair has done its job as they have not only added runs, but done that quickly, something that will crush the spirits of the Indian bowlers.

England 239/6 after 91 overs. Matt Prior 14*, Liam Plunkett 8*

England have managed to get off to a balanced start here again on day 3. Liam Plunkett, the Night Watchman is looking as comfortable as the front line batsmen while Matt Prior has been able to hold up his own against the Indian pacers with the new ball. They are now only 60 odd runs behind  and very soon, this situation might just seem too tough to handle for the Indians.

The game rests in perfect balance as far as the two teams are concerned. Neither team were able to carry the advantage into the third day, although the Indian team would be a bit disappointed over the fact that they dropped Ballance early in the innings.

When India was in their backyard the last time around, the English team played all over the Indians and managed to pull off a whitewash, a result that the Indian team suffered in 2 successive oversea’s series. It is pretty evident that things have changed considerably in the past three years, and the Indian team that is touring the British Isles this time around seems to be a lot more comfortable against pace, bounce and swing than the team that toured the last time around.

India will come into this game with a slight advantage over the host;s as they outperformed tham convincingly with bat and ball in the first test if you exclude the last wicket stand between james Anderson and Joe Root. The match will begin with the clouds of uncertainity of recent spat between Anderson and Jadeja and the pending decision of the same.

India has only won one test on this venue and their main aim would be to replicate the performance of Kapil Dev’s team and get off the mark in this series. They nearly had the host’s in their grab but as he has done on so many occassions, Dhoni just couldn’t manage to hold on the advantage that the team had built. Signs are looking promising for the indian team and the test might just prove to be the start of a good series for the Indian team.