Mahendra Singh Dhoni addressing his first press conference after stepping down as limited-overs captain said that Team India under Virat Kohli has more potential to win in all formats.

India after winning the Test series 4-0, will now lock horns with England in the three ODIs and same number of T20Is starting with the first one-dayer on Sunday in Pune.

“I was waiting for the right time and waiting for Virat to ease in into the Test format. Feel this team has the potential to win in all formats,” Dhoni said.

Looking back at his tenure as captain, Dhoni said he really enjoyed the journey.

“Overall it was a journey that I really enjoyed, it brings smile on my face irrespective of whether it was a tough or good period,” Dhoni also said.

However, Dhoni said split captaincy doesn’t work in India and Kohli will settle down quickly while leading in the limited-overs.

“For me the last series was the one against South Africa, that was the reason why I went to Zimbabwe. Split captaincy does not work in our scenario and my views did not change after I quit from Test cricket. Limited-overs captaincy is not a big challenge and Virat is ready for it now,” Dhoni said.

When asked about his role in the team, the former captain said as a wicketkeeper he will do his best to assist Kohli.

“The keeper is always the vice-captain whether announced or not and my role will be to assist Kohli. Different people like different fields so that depends on Virat and I will adapt accordingly. I will be there to give as many suggestions as possible. I will have to consult him and can’t go left and right on my own,” Dhoni added.

Dhoni, however, defended his decision of stepping down as captain, saying it was the right time and Kohli deserved a chance.

“It made no sense for me to continue. People even questioned me when I quit midway through the Test series in Australia. Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. I knew Saha was ready and he deserved a chance. Similarly, Virat is well placed to take over the limited-overs captaincy,” Dhoni said.

On Kohli’s success, Dhoni lauded his attitude to learn and hunger to win matches.

“From the beginning of his career he wanted to learn and there was a hunger to win matches. He wanted to be in the middle of it all.

“He will keep getting better with more responsibility. ODIs is a slightly easier format to captain and my job will be to assist him whenever I can. How the batsmen are batting, their strengths and weaknesses. Flowing in information and give him as much information as possible,” Dhoni said.