After the government announced that due to the Lok Sabha elections in India, adequate security will not be available for the venues of the Indian Premier League, the IPL 7 party will have to pack up and move to another country to host the tournament. This is a big disadvantage to Indian fans but opens up a plethora of exotic locations from around the world to stage the cricketing events. (Read: Why the Indian government cannot provide security during IPL)

This is not the first time that the Indian Premier League will be held away from India for security reasons. The second version of IPL in 2009 was also held outside India in South Africa where millions were pumped into South Africa’s economy and it resulted in record viewership all over the world.

So, with the world on their platter, where should IPL 7 be held if not India, let’s look at some of the alternative venues that will pull in the crowds.



With the view of the beautiful pyramids, sky cams atop the sphinx and a very difficult obstacle posed by the sand of the Sahara desert, Egypt is an excellent venue for introducing cricket, bring in tourists and changes the rules of the game.


Another beautiful place, especially the South of France with its beautiful beaches especially nude beaches will diversify the crowd that watches cricket all over the world. The flamboyant Euro billionaires will surely bring in a lot of style and couture to the game.


The People’s Republic of China will surely bring a samurai touch to the game as the rules of the game will become more athletic if the IPL was to be held in any of the Chinese provinces. Be it Beijing or Shanghai, the country where everything in the world is made can certainly accommodate the biggest cricketing event of 2014.


After watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, we also saw what a beautiful country Spain is and due to the financial crisis there, this is the best time to have a mutually beneficial deal where IPL 7 hosted in Spain pumps in millions of dollars to fuel the local economy and have a vibrant view while enjoying exotic food along with cricketing prowess to the European nation.


The country pays a fair bit of cricket so there is an existing fan base of cricket there but what is most exciting about Namibia is that it provides a wide array of options when it comes to venues for the matches. From ghost towns to the Namib Desert, Namibia is an endless landscape and rich cultural bowl of heritage and beauty.


Other than being the place for people running from the US, Mexico is a beautiful country where IPL 7 can grow exponentially because the people are in dire need of a good sport and the audience will have an interesting pace to travel to when it comes to the beaches, deserts and cultural spots in Mexico.

GreenlandImmense melting icebergs at Isfjeldbanken (the Iceberg Bank), Ilulissat Icefjord, Disko Bay, West Greenland.

Yes, Greenland is the one with the ice and Iceland is the place where everything looks green but aside from that physical paradox, the cricketers will love the cold weather and the audiences will have a jolly time watching the game from stands made from ice. Like the frozen lake where James Bond chased his enemy in Die Another Day in an Aston Martin, he players can make a few adaptations to the ball and make a stand for the stumps rather than fracture the sheet of ice and you have a level play ground.