India take on Bangladesh in the first ODI despite not having their key players. The Indian team will go into their ODI against Bangladesh all guns blazing. MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli may not be playing as they are being rested for later games but the Indian lineup with Robin Uthappa, Suresh Raina, Ajinkya Rahane along with the rest of the team is more than capable of handling tough matches.

The pitch is going to be slow but that will be to the advantage of both India and Bangladesh. India has usually been the dominant side in India vs Bangladesh matches but Bangladesh can redeem some points here for the selectors and their fans by putting up a good fight against the more seasoned Indian side.

India will have cause for concern when it comes to the bowling department, at least on paper, with promising but inexperienced bowlers like Vinay Kumar and Mohit Sharma having the opportunity to show their worth especially after getting the chance following excellent performances in IPL 2014.


India wins owing to D/L Method by 7 wickets.

OVER 15: India 88/0

Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack. A good over for Bangladesh with just 3 runs scored of it.

OVER 10: India 59/0

Abdur Razzak comes into the attack. Robin Uthappa slams a massive 6 to long on.

OVER 5: India 25/0

Mashrafe Mortaza comes into the attack. Ajinkya Rahane slams the third ball away to the fence for a four.

OVER 1: India 4/0

Robin Uthappa and Ajinkya Rahane open the batting for India as Mashrafe Mortaza starts the bowling attack for Bangladesh.


OVER 50: Bangladesh 272/9

Amit Mishra comes into the attack for the final over of the first innings. A tidy start to the over by Amit Mishra getting hit for just a couple of runs in the first two deliveries. A couple of dot balls and 2 runs taken by Razzak with one ball left. The last ball is called a leg bye by the umpire and it ends the first innings with India requiring 272 runs at a run rate of 5.45 to win the match.

OVER 45: Bangladesh 229/6

Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Nasir Hossain slams the second ball way for a 4 to deep mid wicket. Nasir Hossain gets another good stroke to square leg. Masmadullah gets bowled out off of the last ball.

OVER 40: Bangladesh 192/4

Akshar Patel comes into the attack for the 40th over. Rasool bowls a delivery which is too full and Madmadullah picks it up and slams it away for a 4.

OVER 35: Bangladesh 159/4

Parvez Rasool comes back into the attack. A tidy start to the over but Shakib Al Hasan takes matters into his own hands and slams a 4 to long on.

OVER 30: Bangladesh 134/3

Suresh Riana comes into the attack and bowls a tight over till Rahim picks up the line on a flighted delivery and slams the ball in tho the crowd for a 6.

OVER 25: Bangladesh 108/3

Parvez Rasool comes into the attack. Mushfiqur Rahim pushes the ball to long off for a single and gets Shakib Al Hasan on strike. Rahim gets the sweet spot and the ball races away to the boundary for a 4.

OVER 20: Bangladesh 76/2

Amit Mishra comes back into the attack. Rahim and Anamul are rotating the strike to get the score board ticking as they face the variations of Amit Mishra.

OVER 15: Bangladesh 50/2

Amit Mishra comes into the attack to bring spin into the attack. Rahim and Anamul are rotating the strike to get past the well flighted deliveries by Amit Mishra.

OVER 10: Bangladesh 34/1

Akshar Patel comes into the attack and starts bowling a good line to Anamul with no runs scored off the first 5 balls. Anamul gets one away for a single to keep the strike.

OVER 5: Bangladesh 13/1

Mohit Sharma returns to bowl the 5th over with Bangladesh reeling from the early wicket of Tamim for a duck. Anamul is taking matters into his own hands and strikes the ball around beautifully for ending the over with a couple of 4s.

Over 1: Bangladesh 0/0

Mohit Sharma starts the bowling attack for India while Tamim and Anamul open the batting for Bangladesh. A good line being bowled by Mohit Sharma to set the tone of the match and the opening over ends with a well bowled maiden.