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Rajasthan Royals will be looking to redeem themselves after coming so close to victory in their last match against Chennai Super Kings while Royal Challengers Bangalore will try to recover and maintain their good form and improve their bowling to inch their way towards becoming the all-time famed teams of IPL despite their ill-fated loss to Kolkata Knight Riders.

We wait for Chris Gayle to make his entry into IPL 2014 from his injury and hope Yuvraj Singh can live up to the amount spent on him by the RCB owners. Virat Kohli got a nasty blow on the face after an odd bouncing ball hit him at speed on the face but he recovered quickly and did not miss most of the match.

Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Watson may have taken the blame for the the team’s loss in the last match but they will have to find the right combination to make an impact in their games to make the journey to the title.


Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 wickets in their biggest win in IPL and the biggest defeat for RCB.

OVER 13: Rajasthan 62/3 

Chahal comes back into the attack. Shane Watson gets a top edge and the ball gets caught by AB de Villiers. Shane Watson departs after  scoring 24 runs off of 24 balls. Stuart Binny walks out to replace Shane Watson. Rajasthan Royals need 3 runs to win from 43 balls. The batsmen pick up 3 runs and pick up the winning runs in 13 overs.

OVER 12: Rajasthan 61/3

RR needs 16 runs to win from 53 balls. Ashoke Dinda comes in to attack and gets his delivery pushed away for 2 runs. There is a chance for a run out here, The replay shows that the batsman might be out, it’s too close to call. The third umpire declares that the batsman is safe.

OVER 11: Rajasthan 55/3

Shane Watson goes after Chahal and gets a 4.

OVER 10: Rajasthan 48/3

Ashoke Dinda comes into the attack. An overthrow gives Rajasthan Royals another single.

OVER 9: Rajasthan 46/3

Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. The umpire signals the strategic time out.

OVER 8: Rajasthan 46/3

Ravi Rampaul comes back into the attack. There is an exchange of words with the captains cooling things down.

OVER 7: Rajasthan 40/3

Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack. Starc gets a wicket as Karun Nair gets a meaty edge on the ball that carries to Parthiv Patel. Karun departs after scoring 8 runs off of 12 balls. Shane Watson comes out replace Karun Nair and will hope of finishing the match while he is at the crease.

OVER 6: Rajasthan  36/2

Ravi Rampaul comes into the attack. A chance for a run out and the third umpire is being consulted. The replay shows that Sanju Samson will have to depart. Abhishek Nayar comes out to bat.

OVER 5: Rajasthan 32/1

Mitchell Starc comes into the attack. Starc gets the first breakthrough for Bangalore as Ajinkya Rahane gets caught behind and departs. Sanju Samson comes out to bat and replace Ajinkya Rahane.

OVER 4: Rajasthan 28/0

Rampaul comes into the attack. Rampaul is bowling a tight line but RCB need to bowl RR out to win the match.

OVER 3: Rajasthan 23/0

Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack and gets smashed for a 4 by Ajinkya Rahane. Rahane gets another well timed shot and gets rewarded with a 4.

OVER 2: Rajasthan 13/0

Ravi Rampaul comes into the attack.

OVER 1: Rajasthan 11/0

Mitchell Starc comes into the attack. Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair open the batting for Rajasthan Royals.


Royal Challengers Bangalore set a target of 71 runs to win for Rajasthan ROyals

OVER 15: Bangalore 70/9

Pravin Tambe comes into the attack and gets smashed away for 6. Rampaul goes after scoring 13 runs off of 13 balls. Yuzvendra Chahal comes in to bat. Dinda LBW from Tambe.

OVER 14: Bangalore 61/8

Rajat Bhatia comes back into the attack. Rampaul and Starc need to play out all the balls of the innings to get Bangalore to a decent target score. Starc gets the ball through two fielders and the ball races away for a 4. Starc gets caught out after scoring 18 runs off of 16 balls.

OVER 13: Bangalore 55/7

Pravin Tambe comes back into the attack. Starc swings hard but the ball falls short of the fielder. Strategic time out has been called by the umpire.

OVER 12: Bangalore 51/7

Kane Richardson comes into the attack.

OVER 11: Bangalore 47/7

Virat Kohli departs after Pravin Tambe brings in the variation. RCB looks is a deep hole that they mostly will not be able to recover.

OVER 10: Bangalore 45/6

Tim Southee comes into the attack. Virat Kohli has taken the reigns f the Bangalore chariot in his hands and started hitting aggressive shots. Mitchell Starc gets off the mark with a couple of runs.

OVER 9: Bangalore 32/6

Pravin Tambe comes into the attack. Albie Morkel chips the ball in the air and gets caught out by Steve Smith. A strategic time out has been called by the umpire. 

OVER 8: Bangalore 27/5

Shane Watson comes back into the attack to put the pressure on the Bangalore side. Virat Kohli charges Watson but the ball beats Kohli but he is safe.

OVER 7: Bangalore 26/5

Kane Richardson comes into the attack.

OVER 6: Bangalore 22/5

Shane Watson comes into the attack. A good out swinging ball but the umpires declares it a wide ball. Another inside edge and Rana pulls the ball back onto the stumps and he departs. The skipper has picked up a wicket. Albie Morkel comes out to bat. A chance for a LBW but the umpire doesn’t give it. Albie Morkel gets a cracking drive for the ball to race away to the ropes.

OVER 5: Bangalore 16/4

Kane Richardson comes back into the attack after the double wicket over.

OVER 4: Bangalore 12/4

Tim Southee comes back into the attack.  Virat Kohli needs to anchor the innings and play the entire match to get bangalore a decent target.

OVER 3: Bangalore 11/4

Kane Richardson comes into the attack for some medium pace bowling and Yuvraj Singh flicks the out swinging ball to give away his wicket. Yuvraj Singh departs an Royal Challengers Bangalore lose their third wicket. Richardson strikes again as AB de Villiers gets an inside edge and pulls the ball back on to the stumps. AB de Villiers gets two in two and is on a hat trick now. Rana comes out to get a single.

OVER 2: Bangalore 5/2

Tim Southee comes into the attack. Southee comes back with a better line of delivery. A well bowled delivery from Tim Southee after an attempt at the yorker. Tim Southee is bowling an excellent out swinging line to Yuvraj Singh.

OVER 1: Bangalore 1/2

Parthiv Patel and Yogesh Takalwale comes out to bat. Yogesh Takawale hits the away swinger and gets an edge which carries to the keeper and Rajasthan Royals strike early. Virat Kohli comes in to bat after Takawale departs. A chance of a run out and Parthiv Patel may be out. The replay shows that Parthiv Patel will have to depart too. Yuvraj Singh comes out to bat ad replace Parthiv Patel.

Rajasthan Royals win the toss and elec to bowl first, Royal Challengers Bangalore will set the target

Shane Watson and Virat Kohli comes out to the middle for the toss.

Toss Awaited

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