(Sunrisers Hyderabad take on Chennai Super Kings in the 17th match of IPL 2014 at Sharjah on Sunday. Catch Live Scores and Live Updates of the match here)

Sunrisers Hyderabad take on Chennai Super Kings in the 17th Match of the IPL at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Sunrisers Hyderabad won their first match of the tournament against Delhi Daredevils and they will aim at keeping the new found winning momentum going into their game against a much stronger team and better supported Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings is by all means the stronger side on paper and on the field and they have shown what they are made of in the matches in IPL 2014 but there is a cause of concern for CSK in their bowling department especially in the death overs. They will have to improve the line and length of the bowling in the last overs to support their batting so that there is wiggle room for the batsmen to breathe in case the line up fails.

Irrespective of the venue or the followers, a match between Hyderabad and Chennai promises to be a cracker of a game.

Thats the 4th victory for CSK in a row after the initial defeat against the Kings XI. There was a bit of a scare at the end, but it was always their game after the initial Blitzkrieg by the Openers.

Over 19.3: CSK 146/5

Amit Mishra to bowl the last over. Dhoni on strike, 6 needed of 6. Dhoni takes a single of the first ball. 5 needed of 5 balls.

Amit Mishra to manhas, Another single. 4 needed of 4 balls.

And the dew takes its toll on the Sunrisers as Mishra bowls a friendly full toss and Dhoni makes full use of it. He pulls it for a boundary and thats the match for CSK.

Over 19: CSK 140/5

Ishant Sharma in the attack here. Still only singles are being taken by the duo. 8 runs needed of 10 deliveries. Ishant Sharma has bowled Jadeja and is there a twist in the tail here. Good delivery there by Ishant sharma. Ravindra Jadeja 6(9). Mithun Manhas is the new batsmen for CSK. 8 runs needed of 9 deliveries. He has beaten manhas the very delivery here. 8 needed of 8 deliveries. Another dot, 8 of 7 now. That was lucky, a bottom edge gives them a double. 4 runs and a wicket of the over.

Over 18: CSK 136/4

Bhuvaneshwar kumar to continue. Jadeja picks up a single of the first ball. A dot ball to Dhoni on the second delivery. A single to Dhoni of the third delivery. Another single, they are not taking any unnecessary risks here. 5 runs of the over. 10 needed of 12 deliveries.

Over 17: CSK 131/4

Dale steyn in the attack now. Dhawan is looking to get some more wickets here which is the right way to go. Two singles of the first three balls. 17 needed of 21 deliveries. Another single of the fourth delivery. 4 runs of the over, 15 runs needed of 18 balls.

Over 16: CSK 127/4

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar in the attack now. Dhawan is making a lot of changes here, seems like nothing is working out. But this Change has worked as David Warner takes a good tumbling catch at long off, Bhuvi gets Smith. Dwayne Smith 66(46). Faf Du Plessis is the new man in. and Bhuvi picks up Du Plessis now. He is caught by the keeper of an out side edge. Faf Du Plessis 0(1). 3 runs and 2 wickets of the over.

Over 15: CSK 124/2

Karan Sharma back in the attack now. Nothing is making a difference to Dwayne Smith here, he has slogged sweeped the second delivery for a six here. Runs are coming very easily here. 10 runs of the over.

Over 14: CSK 114/2

Ishant back in the attack now. Suresh Raina joins the attack now, he simply lifts the ball for a six over long onn. Best shot of the night without a doubt. He guides a short ball on leg side for a boundary of the third delivery. Raina goes for another hit but perishes in the process. Ishant finally has something to smile about. Suresh Raina 14(10).

Over 13: CSK 102/1

Amit mishra in the attack now. Smith pulls the first delivery for a six over mid wicket.  a good come back after the six by Mishra. 8 runs of the over.

Over 12: CSK 94/1

Ishant Sharma back in the attack now. Smith Carves the second ball for a boundary. Good running by Raina. He gets off the mark with a single.Amazing Stuff there by Warner. He has stopped a certain boundary there. 9 runs of the over and that brings up the 50 for Smith.

Over 11: CSK 85/1

Karan Sharma back into the attack here. He concedes a single of the first delivery. That could have been a close call there, thankfully smith got a bat on it. McCullum goes over covers for another maximum. Sharma has done it for the Sunrisers, is that an opening for them. Brendon mcCullum 40(33). Suresh Raina walks out in the middle. 10 runs and a wicket of the over.

Over 10:CSK  75/0

Dale Steyn back into the attack. A straight drive of the first delivery for a single by McCullum. Another full length delivery thats a dot. A single of the fourth delivery. 3 runs of the over.

Over 9: CSK 72/0

Mishra to continue. McCullum pulls the second delivery of the over for a boundary. Both of them are going really well here.  7 runs of the over.

Over 8: CSK 65/0

Ishant Sharma into the attack now. Only a west indian can hit a six like that. Smith just Checks his shot and that sails over long on for a six. Smith now hooks, and he hooks the last ball for a six. 12 runs of the over.

Over 7: CSK 53/0

Amit Mishra into the attack. Good start by mishra so far. Only singles of the first 3 deliveries. Only 6 runs of the over, all singles.

Over 6: CSK 47/0

Karan Sharma to continue. McCullum lofts him on the first ball itself for a boundary. Its smith’s turn now and that sweep goes for a boundary as well. They are starting to take the attack to the bowlers here. 11 runs of the over.

Over 5: CSK 36/0

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar to continue. McCullum has carved the very first delivery for a boundary between point and cover point. McCullum pulls another one and this one falls short of the fielder at mid wicket. another pull, a top edge and smith gets a six for that. 11 runs of the over.

Over 4: CSK 25/0

Karan Sharma in the attack. There is dew on the ground, so no spin to see yet. Brendon McCullum steps down the track and he lofts it over the head of the bowler but Aaron finch does well to restrict it to a double.

Over 3: CSK 20/0

Steyn to continue. He is bowling quick here, very quick. Brendon McCullum Pulls that short ball and that just clears man at deep mid wicket. thats 6, but they are living dangerously here. 8 runs of the over.

Over 2: CSK 12/0

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar into the attack. Good delivery to start up, he completely squares up McCullum. That was very close to hitting the stumps, bottom edge for a boundary. Just six from the over.

Over 1: CSK 6/0

Back with the chase. Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith, 2 inform batsmen to open the innings for Chennai. Dale Steyn to open the attack. Good start by Steyn, right on the money right from ball one. Smith has played the second ball between cover point and point for a brace. Smith has smacked Steyn over the top of coverpoint for a boundary of the 4th delivery. 6 runs of the over.

Over 20: SRH 145/5

Mohit Sharma to bowl the last over. Just 2 singles of the first two balls. And its Sammy’s turn now, he has hit the third delivery, a slower one for a six over mid wicket. The fourth ball has been hit down the ground for a single. Karan Sharma fails to make contact with the 5th ball and so does Dhoni with the stumps. Sammy picks up a Brace on the last delivery. they have managed to pick up 32 runs in the last 2 overs and that is a more than competitive total on this pitch.

Over 19: SRH 133/5

Hilfenhaus to continue. Sammy picks the first one of his legs for a boundary. He bowls a wide now. A slower delivery of the second delivery beats sammy for pace. Sammy picks up a single of the 3rd delivery. Karan sharma has hooked the 4th delivery for a huge six over square leg. That six was 98 metres long. Another Six , thats two in a row. This is a huge over for the Sunrisers. That has been picked up of his legs and its gone high. but Dwayne Smith out of all the people has dropped that catch. 20 runs of the over.

Over 18: SRH 113/5

Mohit sharma to continue. Sammy picks up a single of the first delivery. Mohit has bowled the well set batsmen Finch here, and he has perished in an attempt to play the big shot. Aaron Finch 44(45). Karan sharma is the new batsman on the Pitch. Now sammy tries to pull and even he is finding it difficult to connect. 5 runs of the over.

Over 17: SRH 108/4

Hilfenhaus back into the attack. A shout for LBW of the second ball but that was given not out. Sammy smacks the third ball for a boundary. A dot ball of the 4th delivery. A single of the last delivery and thats 6 runs of the over.

Over 16: SRH 102/4

Ashwin to continue. A wide of the First deliver. He picks up couple of runs of the second delivery. Darren Sammy has come into the middle. 4 runs off the over.

Over 15: SRH 98/4

Mohit Sharma in the attack and the very first delivery has been smacked for a brace by Venu Gopal Rao. Singles of the next 2 deliveries. Another single of the 4th deliver. Venu gopal Rao has tried to play the lofted shot, but he has hit that straight to Mid Off  where smith finishes the catch.

Over 14: SRH 92/3

Ashwin to continue. Couple of singles from the first half of the over. Its a tight spell here from ashwin. There are signs of dew here. A wide ball by Ashwin of the last delivery. 6 runs of the over.

Over 13: SRH 86/3

Ishwar pandey brought back into the attack. Finch is probably building towards the big attack towards the end. He is picking up singles till now. Finch Crashes that ball through the covers, 8 runs off the over.

Over 12: SRH 78/3 

Jadeja in the attack now.  Only 4 singles of four balls here, good bowling by Jadeja. Six runs off the over, all in singles.

Over 11: SRH 72/3

Smith to continue. A single to start with. Rahul tries to pull and hits it well, but he has been caught at deep mid wicket. the pitch is very slow and on any other day that would have been a six. KL Rahul 25(27). Venugopal Rao in the middle now.  Thats bowled Quick but Dhoni misses to collect it, 4 byes there. 7 runs of the over.

Over 10: SRH 65/2

Ashwin to continue the attack. He is bowling a very tight line here. Just singles from the over so far, 4 off the over.

Over 9: SRH 62/2

Jadeja to continue. Finch cuts the second delivery for a boundary, That Boundary is followed by a single. Another single of the last delivery, 7 runs of the over.

Over 8: SRH 55/2

Dwayne Smith in the attack now. A brace of the first delivery for Finch. A single by Finch brings up the 50 for SRH. And thats a boundary towards Fine leg off a very poor delivery. 8 runs of the over.

Over 7: SRH 47/2

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack. A single of the first delivery for Finch. KL Rahul smacks Jadeja off the third delivery for a huge six over deep mid wicket. Good cricket here by Rahul, he picks up a single after the Six. 10 runs off the over.

Over 6: SRH 37/2

Ashwin in the attack in the sixth over. A couple off single to start the over. Rahul is looking very confident here. Another single off the fourth and fifth delivery. 5 runs off the over

Over 5: SRH 32/2

Mohit Sharma in the attack. Couple of dot deliveries to start with. KL Rahul Cuts and he cuts the 3rd delivery for a boundary. Good shot of the fifth delivery, but equally well fielded. A single to end the over.  5 runs off it.

Over 4: SRH 27/2

Ishwar pandey to continue. He strays down the leg side on the second ball and that has been picked away for 4 leg byes. Another Single of the 5th ball. Another delivery down the leg side and another boundary. 11 runs off the over.

Over 3: SRH 16/2

Hilfenhaus to continue. Dhawan pulls the second ball of the hips but he is caught at Square leg by Mithun Manhas. He departs for 7 (9) runs. Hilfenhaus now picks up the wicket of David Warner, he is out LBW and Hilfenhaus has picked up 2 major wickets here. That was a very bad Decision by the the umpire there. 1 run and 2 wickets off the over.

Over 2: SRH 15/0

Ishwar Pandey to continue from the other end. A single of the first delivery for Dhawan. Aaron Finch blasts the third delivery over covers for a boundary. Another Single for Finch on the fourth ball. A single of the last ball and its 7 runs off the over.

Over 1: SRH 8/o

The sunrisers openers walk out in the middle, Shikhar Dhawan to open with Aaron Finch. Chennai to start the attack with Ben Hilfenhaus. Finch gets off the mark of the very first delivery with a single. Hilfenhaus bowls the fourth delivery short outside off and Dhawan cuts it for a boundary. Another single of the fifth delivery for Dhawan. a couple for finch to end the over. 8 runs of it.

There has been a delay in the start of the game.

Sunrisers Hyderabad win the toss and elect to bat first

Good evening everyone, welcome to the game between SRH and CSk, and we will be giving you live updates all throughout the game. The toss is slightly delayed due to the presentation ceremony of the first game.

Toss Awaited

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