Photo Credits: WWE Official Facebook Page

Coming off a spectacular pay-per-view Battleground on Sunday night, the Monday Night Raw was sure to be electrifying and the show lived up to its expectations. In one of the historic episodes of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Company, many new story lines brewed leading to the biggest show of the Summer Slam- WWE’s August pay-per-view. Monday Night Raw saw an unprecedented act of the company’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon being arrested. WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was missing at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, only until The Beast, Brock Lesnar music played on the titantron. We bring brief highlights of the Monday night showdown!

Triple H kicked off the show with venturing out his frustration over The Authority’s incapability to lay their hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title on Sunday at Battleground. Triple H announced that whoever impresses the Boss tonight will compete against John Cena at Summer Slam!

Randy Orton came down the ringside to flatter Triple H with his sweet words, but before he could influence Triple H, the Devil’s favorite demon, Kane made his way in the ring too. If the heat wasn’t enough in the ring already, Shield’s former powerhouse Roman Reigns entered the ring too. Triple H announced a 2-on-1 Handicap match which pitted Roman Reigns against Kane and Randy Orton. Roman Reigns won!

Stephanie McMahon aimed to humiliate Nikki Bella– twin sister of Brie Bella (wife of Daniel Bryan), and put the Bella twin in a 4-on-1 handicap match pitting her against Eva Marie, Cameron, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes. On seeing Brie Bella sitting in the front row Stephanie tries to annihilate Brie. Brie gets miffed with her former Boss’ taunts and calls her a ‘Vindictive Bitch’. Stephanie slaps Brie, Brie retaliates and is eventually dragged out of the arena, and Stephanie has the last laugh! (Not really, keep reading).

The Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel show’s doesn’t turn out as it had to. As its guest Bray Wyatt walks down the aisle and gives the reason for the same. The titantron plays a earlier recorded of Jericho being interrupted in an interview by Bray Wyatt in the locker room. Wyatt plants Jericho with a ‘Sister Abigail’ on the locker. Jericho is found bleeding from his ear!

For music lovers, Flo Rida rocked the show singing his famous song ‘Good Feeling’ among others keeping every viewer in the America Airlines Arena on their toes with the electrifying music. But just after the music finishes, the police shows up and tries to arrest Stephanie for assaulting Brie earlier in the day. Brie appears at the scene a mini verbal cat fight ensues. Stephanie tries to stifle Brie again but the handcuffs prevent her from doing so. Triple H appears back stage and the drama continues. Was it a story line or the police really arrested Stephanie is yet to be confirmed!

As the formal announcement of the competitor against John Cena at Summer Slam is left, Triple H arrived in the ring to make the big announcement. As he was about to announce, Randy Orton’s music hits, and it seems that Orton will face Cena at Summer Slam. Roman Reigns had other plans as he ambushed Randy Orton before the former could reach the ring.  A brawl ensued and the pair was seen fighting it out till the titantron. Triple H’s bad day continued!

Another go at the announcement and this time it is Paul Heyman who made a surprise entrance. Paul Heyman makes the COO Triple H understand that his Plan A and Plan B had backfired and he has a Plan C. To everyone’s excitement and surprise, Brock Lesnar’s music hits the screen. Now that is some plan to grab the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title from John Cena. Plan C, Plan Brock Lesnar!

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