Sachin Tendulkar

Mumbai, March 15: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar launched special edition silver coins, with his face, name and signature embossed on them in Mumbai. Tendulkar, during a news conference after the release of the coins, said that he was fond of collecting coins in his childhood.

Illustrating the significance of coins in the game of cricket, Tendulkar said he had a long association with them as every toss of the cricket match is decided by a coin. The coins were launched by a jewellery showroom in India Valuemart Gold Jewels and Diamond India. In total, 15,921 coins will be released, each coin signifying the number of runs scored by Tendulkar during his stint as a test cricketer.

Sachin Tendulkar with this honour would have been overwhelmed as he recently won the cricketer of the generation title by the Cricinfo. Sachin faced tough competition from Australian leggie Shane Warne and South African all rounder Jacques Kallis. The master is also the recipient of coveted Bharat Ratna.