If 11 runs are required off one over (Super Over), what will be your prediction of the match? A win or a loss? But West Indies’ mystery spinner Sunil Narine produced a wicket-maiden in a Caribbean Premier League (CPL) match on Thursday. Yes, you read it right. A wicket maiden over in a regular course of a T20I match may surprise you but a wicket-maiden over in a Super Over is sheer masterclass!

The match was played between Guyana Amazon Warriors and Red Steel at Guyana. The match however turned out to be a low scoring thriller with only Sunil Narine putting some excitement in the end and win the match on his own. Bowling for Guyana Amazon Warriors Sunil Narine spun his side to victory when he bamboozled Red Steel’s wicket keeper Nicolas Pooran. It is surprising that Nicolas Pooran couldn’t connect with the ball as he scored 11 runs off Narine’s 4 balls in the match.

The Magic over, as it went:

Ball 1: Sunil Narine to Nicolas Pooran, swing and a miss, No Run.

Ball 2: Sunil Narine to Nicolas Pooran, swings again and misses again, No Run.

Nicolas Pooran and Ross Taylor have a mid-pitch discussion

Ball 3: Sunil Narine to Nicolas Pooran, plays across the line, no contact with the bat, No Run.

Ball 4: Sunil Narine to Nicolas Pooran, completely misses a leg spin, No Run.

Ball 5: Sunil Narine to Nicolas Pooran, finally connects, swivels high in the air, caught at long off by Martin Guptil, Wicket

Ball 6: Sunil Narine to Ross Taylor, tries to deposit in the midwicket region, fails to connect, No Run.

Super Overs in T20I are way too entertaining in one way or another. But never before Sunil Narine, the Kolkata Knight Riders spinner had anyone bowled a Super Over!

Catch the video here: